Juice Lane Opens Up Shop In Wainscott


Twin brothers Justin and Ian Browne are taking a break from the financial world and beginning another business venture—Juice Lane, a small cold-pressed juice shop in Wainscott.

The Brownes, who live in Manhattan and are longtime seasonal residents of the Hamptons, opened the store last weekend and quickly learned that selling fresh juice requires a lot of time and energy. The two ended up working around the clock—not sleeping for 48 hours—pressing juice, setting up the store and tending to customers’ needs.

“We had no idea the manual labor involved in this, but it’s worth all the work,” Justin said.

Three to four times a day, Ian runs to their kitchen space in Bridgehampton to whip up small batches in order to keep fresh juice flowing for customers who come in—many having just finished working out at nearby Lift Hampton and Barry’s Bootcamp.

In recent years, juice bars have popped up all over Manhattan and Los Angeles, and the Brownes, both big into health and wellness, want to expand the phenomena in the Hamptons, where a few places already offer similar products. The Brownes said they are aiming to be the go-to place for those who want nutrient-rich, cold-pressed juice.

“We’re here to be healthy and fun,” Justin said. “We’re trying to be more than a juice company—we’re a partner in health.”

The partners say each 16-ounce bottle of juice contains 3 to 5 pounds of organic, local vegetables or fruit. Their best-seller last weekend, “Farms III,” contains kale, parsley, zucchini, romaine, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon and ginger. Four simple fresh ingredients—pineapple, lemon, apple and mint—make up “Digestion,” and another popular choice, “Simply Fun,” is filled with sweet and simple fruits: strawberry, apple and coconut.

According to the brothers, cold-pressed juice is the best extraction method for taste and nutritional energy. Pressing fruit and vegetables, instead of grinding them, does not oxidize them and instead helps keep the nutrients and enzymes intact. The nutritional benefits of cold-pressed juice can last up to 72 hours.

Customers can choose to do a three-day juice cleanse or simply have the juice as they would any other.

The brothers have been working with their nutritionist and acupuncturist, Michelle Kung of California, Dr. Oz Garcia of Manhattan, and other nutrition consultants to come up with the best fruit and vegetable ratios for each menu item.

“When we’re coming up with the mixtures, we feel like little scientists,” Justin said. “If someone cuts a corner, it messes up the ratio. The process is extensive, and there are proper standards that have to be followed.”

The Brownes, who founded Sage Lane Capital, a marketing and fundraising company for investment funds, hope to eventually turn their shop into “wet space,” meaning they would be able to make the juice on-site instead of three miles away in Bridgehampton.

While Juice Lane will be open only through October, the Brownes hope to come back in following years.

“It feels like a family business out here,” said their brother, Christophe Browne, who is an investor in the business. “I think that’s something that Ian and Justin gravitated toward.”

The family has been coming to the Hamptons for four decades, and so the twins, 33, feel at home and want to promote all things local, including local artists’ work by displaying it on their walls, they said.

“They thrive off their twinship,” Christophe said. “They’re so passionate about their juice, and health and wellness, it’s a special thing. That’s why I decided to help.”

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