Fist Fight Outside East Hampton Market Sends One To Hospital


An incident of road rage at Damark’s Deli Market in East Hampton at about 11 a.m. on Saturday sent one man to the hospital and landed another in jail, according to East Hampton Town Police.

Robert P. Greene, 49, of Springs, was charged with strangulation in the second degree, a felony, and assault in the third degree, a misdemeanor, police said, after he attacked a man who had turned in front of him to get into the market’s parking lot. Police said Mr. Greene punched the other man repeatedly. When he stopped, the victim attempted to write down Mr. Greene’s license plate number but was again attacked “in a rage” by Mr. Greene, who continued to pummel him to the ground, according to the police report. Numerous bystanders called 911. The victim was taken to the hospital for pain in his throat and had difficulty breathing.

When it was confirmed the next day that the victim’s thyroid cartilage, or Adam’s apple, was fractured, an officer contacted Mr. Greene and he turned himself in at police headquarters in Wainscott.

As of Monday, Mr. Greene had yet to be arraigned.

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