Beachcomber, June 6


What a difference a week makes, both weather- and traffic-wise! This weekend was delightful, warm during the day but still cool at night, making evening events enjoyable. There was less traffic this weekend as well, which was a pleasant relief from the Memorial Day mob scene.

With regards to the traffic, either there are a lot of people who are here for the first time this season, or they simply don’t care about the traffic patterns that exist in town. I have never seen so many people make turns from the wrong lane, blow right through stop signs, or make U-turns on Main Street and Jobs Lane. For the safety of the rest of us, I hope the police are on high alert and control these out-of-control drivers.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing—when it works. With my iPhone, I can take the pictures for this column and make all my notes. It comes in very handy. Until you can’t retrieve the information. It seems that the note that I started for this week’s column disappeared, simply vanished, and with it everything I wrote down so I would not forget. I think it’s back to pen and paper for the rest of the summer!

A concert outside on a cool spring night was just the ticket Friday evening, so I was off to the new Parrish Art Museum for its Friday evening series. The museum is open late on Fridays, with various programs for the family to enjoy. The last Friday of the month is a concert, which this week was titled “Jazz En Plein Air.” Hector Martignon’s Foreign Affair Quartet performed, much to the delight of a large crowd of guests.

People filled the tables on the patio, and many brought their own chairs and blankets to set up on the lawn. The café had an assortment of cocktails to enjoy, as well as an extensive menu of nibbles. With a breeze blowing across the fields, and the music in the air, the evening was an absolute delight.

This was my first chance to visit the new museum, and I was truly impressed with the space. Prepared to hate the modern look before I even walked in the door, I was taken aback by its charm. I realize I am old-fashioned, but somehow this new space works, and it definitely gives the museum the space to showcase its extensive collection. I am looking forward to the next concert.

Afterward, I went over to Nammos for dinner with a friend. It was wonderful to sit outside and enjoy the evening; actually, I was grateful for the gas heaters, as it had started to get a bit chilly. We ordered an assortment of appetizers, which turned out to be more food than we could eat.

I remember, years ago, sitting on the small porch having dinner with my mother when the Post House occupied the space. Inside, with its low ceilings and the fireplace, it had that old Southampton charm. While the ceiling is now opened up and that cozy feel has had a face-lift, it is still lovely sitting outside on a summer night. With Luis as our waiter and the delicious food, the evening was a huge success.

Saturday, late afternoon, it was off to Barkers Island Road for the Fresh Air Home’s annual Decorators-Designers-Dealers Sale and Auction Benefit Gala. We arrived just before 5, and the line for the early shopping was already halfway down the long driveway! I absolutely love this event and look forward to it each year.

I am always amazed at how the army of volunteers, headed by Ann Grimm and with the help of several East End decorators, can transform the various buildings into the best shopping in town. Thanks to the generous donations from the community, it is impossible to walk away empty-handed. It would actually be nice to have a cocktail party the night before the event so we could admire all the hard work that goes into making these rooms showcases.

Seen shopping: Aida Turturro, Lisa and Rome Arnold, Eileen Powers, former “Beachcomber” scribe Steven Stolman with partner Richard Wilkie, Christl and Kenny Meszkat, Patty and George Kraus, Maribeth and Ellen Welsh, Jane and Bob Fear, Ali and John Hubbell, Gloria Meyers, Traudl Geraghty, Anne Pyne, Tish and Orest Bliss, Annette and Gerry Geddes, Helga Dawn, Kim White and Kurt Wolfgruber, and Camille Campbell.

Between the rooms full of goodies, the silent auction and the live auction, it was a shopper’s delight, and almost overwhelming. Thankfully, there were cocktails and nibbles to enable everyone to keep up their strength and forge ahead. A big thanks to Canard Inc., which did an amazing job with the food.

This is also a great chance to catch up with friends I haven’t seen since last summer. I ran into Ann and Bill Yawney, Nicky Grant, Judy and Jack Hadlock, Laura Danforth and her daughter Florence, Elizabeth Lowe, Cathy and Malcolm Price, Phyllis Toohey, Marjorie Hyman, Hal Goldberg (president of the Southampton Rose Society), Jane and Ned Sadaka, Kristen Galef, Raya and Cliff Knight, Debbie Tanger, and Maria Glinka and her brother Stan. Stan has just been nominated to run for Southampton Town Board this November. Congrats and best of luck!

The evening was dedicated to the memory of Jack Grimm, who was a distinguished member of the Men’s Committee and an avid supporter of the Fresh Air Home. This is one of two major fundraisers for the Home; the next one is the American Picnic and Fireworks over Fourth of July weekend, which is not to be missed.

Afterward, I had a lovely dinner at the home of a good friend from Palm Beach. It turns out that, several years ago, this friend was bashed in this very column over a cocktail party that they held out here. I am here to tell you that my friend is a terrific host, as we all had a lovely evening enjoying our dinner and the conversation. Thank you, DM, for an enjoyable night.

I was driving home at around 11:30 when I received a text from the daughter of a very good friend. Seems the younger set was all heading out to the Social Club for cocktails and dancing, and they wanted me to join them. So off I went to dance for the next two hours. At the time, this seemed like a good idea … it wasn’t until the next morning, when my back and legs were aching, that I realized I might be getting too old for the very-late-night partying!

This Thursday night is the Wildlife Conservation Gala at the Central Park Zoo. Cocktails start at 6:30 around the sea lion tank, followed by an amazing sit-down dinner and dancing under the tents. This year’s theme is “The Wonders of Southeast Asia”—I can’t wait to see the décor, as I’m sure it will be outstanding.

Saturday afternoon is the 37th annual Rose Show, which will be held at Rogers Memorial Library. This year, the Rose Society is reintroducing competitive arranging to the event. During the show, you can also experience the beautiful rose garden at the library, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

I am always very grateful to the Rose Society for all the work they do to keep the village looking beautiful. For those of you who don’t know, they are responsible for the walls alongside Little Red and Shippy’s, as well as the wall on Hampton Road across from the old Saks building. Thank you to all the members—and keep up the good work. It is very much appreciated.

This weekend is also Landscape Pleasures, which is hosted by the Parrish Art Museum. A series of lectures will be held on Saturday at the museum; the theme is “Modernism, Minimalism and Meadows,” which celebrates the new Water Mill home of the Parrish. Sunday, there is a self-guided tour of some East End estates, all of which are in keeping with this year’s theme.

I hope to see you there!

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