Cannot Be Controlled

It seems to be nothing short of amazing the number of attempts to get Deb Klughers on the Independence Party’s line for the November election, despite a negative vote from the party committee [“Intrigue Strikes Trustees Race,” May 22]. Does The East Hampton Press also feel that the Independence Party is able to be controlled? It would appear that way. Elaine Jones, chair of the party, has been accosted by no less than seven people, and now The Press, for her party’s vote regarding the present Trustees. All present Trustees were voted for reinstatement except Ms. Klughers. Some would have liked to have seen the present Trustees remain intact for another term and had discussed that with the other political parties, but committee votes turned up short where Ms. Klughers was concerned. There was a Trustee meeting on the night of the screening, but we had resumes from all of the incumbent Trustees. They are familiar to all our committee members and we believe that nothing would have changed the vote.

It is embarrassing to a candidate to have her story told; we certainly intended not to do so, except for the attempts that Ms. Klughers herself has made to disparage other Trustees who were successful in their bid for our line. We believe these attempts included trying to eliminate at least two existing Trustees from accepting our line. “Oh, great, just what I need is another fisherman,” was Ms. Klugher’s insulting remark, as if that profession were not the backbone of what the Trustees stand for. We believe she also attempted to get three newly named (by vote) candidates to drop out, thereby putting her in ninth place.

We voted privately and no committee member knew how the others voted, just the final count. No committee person’s name was on the tally sheets, but they were handed in and counted in front of all of us.

This thrust into overdrive on her part started when she learned that her vote (3 of 27) would have put her in 10th place (one behind acceptance). She also shared 10th place with Afton DiSunno. Afton is a bright, up-and-coming young woman with a good solid record of hard work for our community. We were very happy to see her name come before us.

If there is any question or there are any others who would wish to take potshots, understand this: The Independence Party of East Hampton, chaired by Elaine Jones and vice-chaired by Pat Mansir, and counting among its credit a fine committee of men and women who carefully follow the events of our community, will not be controlled and our votes will not be manipulated or changed.

Elaine Jones


Pat Mansir

Vice Chair

East Hampton Independence Party

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