New ‘Organic’ Sleep Center Opens In Water Mill


Beth Lee-Schlendorf knows the importance of a good night’s sleep.

That is why last month she opened the Bliss Sleep Center in Water Mill, to provide East End residents with a healthier, chemical-free alternative to traditional mattresses. As a sleep specialist, Ms. Lee-Schlendorf said she will work one-on-one with customers to help them customize their own new, 100-percent organic bed, one that is free of carcinogens and allergy-inducing chemicals.

“We have had an awesome response from everyone,” said Ms. Lee-Schlendorf, 33, a resident of Eastport, while sitting in her new store this week. “We are the only 100-percent organic bedding and mattress store in all of Suffolk County—at least.

“You can find organic stuff here and there,” she continued, “but it is not a whole lot of selection. We wanted a selection.”

She explained that there can be up to 40 chemicals in traditional mattress, a fact that she says she did not learn until last year when she bought a “memory foam” mattress for her and her husband, Micah. Right after delivery, while letting the mattress air out, she said there was a noticeable chemical smell coming from the bed, which she was told was normal for that type of mattress.

The smell, she said, opened her eyes—and nose—to the dangers of traditional beds.

That experience kicked off a year of research into healthier, chemical-free alternatives for sleeping. In her research, Ms. Lee-Schlendorf learned that organic mattresses, which are typically made from either 100-percent organic wool or 100-percent virgin lamb’s wool, could also help those with severe allergies—people like her three stepchildren, Sierra and Gia, both 11, and Justin, 7.

Suddenly, Ms. Lee-Schlendorf, who has spent the last 11 years as a banker, had a new dream. On May 1, that dream became a reality when the Bliss Sleep Center opened its doors.

One customer, Roger Bencosme of East Moriches, said he recently bought two queen-size wool pillows from the store, and loves them. He explained that he had been searching for a quality organic pillow for a long time and finally found one at the new store.

“It wasn’t like walking into a store where you meet a random salesperson—it was an actual consultation,” Mr. Bencosme said of his experience. “She asked me a bunch of questions about how I sleep and presented a couple of different options.”

The store sells everything from mattresses and bed frames to comforter sets, pillows and duvets. It also features a children’s section. All of the beds are customizable in terms of firmness, and customers can work with Ms. Lee-Schlendorf on custom colors and designs for bedding.

“People have issues with certain fabrics and materials. We can help them with their specific needs,” she said. “You sleep for one-third of your life—you want to make sure you are comfortable and getting the most out of your sleep.”

Organic mattresses start at around $750, and increase based on preference and size.

The new store is located at 103 Hayground Road in Water Mill. Ms. Lee-Schlendorf can be contacted at (631) 885-0075, or through her website,

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