Tuckahoe Board Of Education Looking To Reduce Paper Use At School


The Tuckahoe School District is looking for ways to save paper at the elementary school by reducing printouts over the next three years.

A recent study of printing habits at the school indicated that approximately 40,000 pieces of paper are being used each month—which translates to 1,000 sheets of paper per student throughout the course of one school year.

At a Board of Education meeting on Monday night, the board authorized a new contract for managed print services with Carr Business Systems for a price of $2,100 a month, with the goal of reducing paper usage in the district.

“There are definitely ways to save paper,” Tuckahoe School Superintendent Chris Dyer said during the meeting. “There is absolutely no doubt about it.”

The district will begin saving paper almost immediately next year, with the upperclassmen in the kindergarten-to-seventh grade school using tablet computers. The tablets will eliminate the need for teachers to print out all of their worksheets, and will allow homework to be emailed. Over the next two years, Mr. Dyer said during the meeting, the district will be working on ways to integrate electronics into the younger students’ classrooms as well to reduce paper usage.

Other paper-saving techniques discussed on Monday night include sending fliers and district letters home only via the oldest or youngest sibling in a family, and requiring a pass code on printers that teachers must use to authorize printing. Both options would reduce accidental duplicates.

The biggest challenge in reducing paper will be in the classrooms themselves. According to the district, teachers are given several multi-page worksheets that students must complete throughout the year in order to maintain the New York State Common Core standards. These worksheets, Mr. Dyer said, have dramatically increased the number of printouts from teachers.

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