Westhampton Beach Honors Distinguished Teachers And Staff


The Westhampton Beach Board of Education honored 10 teachers and staff members on Monday night for their exceptional service and dedication to the district.

The employees were presented with the district’s Distinguished Service Award, a program that Schools Superintendent Michael Radday instituted in 2011. The honored teachers and staffers had to be nominated by their peers, and then selected by a committee of administrators.

“We’ve had the opportunity to recognize 10 outstanding folks, and these are the people who really make this place what it is,” Mr. Radday said during Monday night’s School Board meeting. “These are really 10 of our finest—10 who really care about the district, care about the kids here, and go above and beyond on a day in and day out basis to really make it the special place it is.”

First grade teacher Catharine Nobiletti was the first to be recognized and Assistant Superintendent William Fisher described her as an “unbelievable asset at the elementary school.”

James Owens and Paul Fremgen, described as the “tag-team middle school technical support staff,” were honored next. Mr. Fisher said the two “operate with such a team mindset that the middle school would be truly lost without them.”

Susan Rosenberg, the high school science coordinator and teacher, was recognized her commitment to her department. “Susan is one of our premier instructional staff,” Mr. Fisher said. “Susan really is the backbone of our science department, and I say that very, very genuinely.”

Next on the list was Joy Campagna, the library media specialist at the elementary school. The administrators thanked her for always being a welcoming face, and for working extraordinarily well with the students.

Frank Diehl, a high school science teacher, was recognized for his work with the science research program, which gained recognition earlier this school year when a student was named an Intel Semifinalist for the first time in district history. “Frank has taken that program really to the next level,” Mr. Radday said.

The administrators also recognized Ted Nowakowski, a custodian at the middle school. “Ted is a guy who brings a real level of professionalism to the work he does,” Mr. Radday said. “He takes pride in the work he does. He goes above and beyond.”

Joanne Williams, the high school special education teacher and coordinator, received her award for her leadership and dedication. Mr. Radday described her as an “unbelievable asset” to the district. “Those kids go through high school and come out much better for having had her as a teacher,” he said.

Karen Frano, a teacher aide at the high school, was also recognized for her service.

Last but not least was Cynthia Parry, a middle school English and social studies teacher. Mr. Radday said she goes “above and beyond in anything she does.” He added that she is “one of those people who, no matter what she is involved in, it’s done well and it’s done with enthusiasm.”

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