Military Police Train At Main Beach But After Some Fun


Members of the 423rd Military Police Company, based in Shoreham, had a bit of fun at East Hampton Village’s Main Beach on Thursday morning, June 27. The crew of 16 had a water balloon fight before heading onto the sand for driver training in their 3,200-pound armored security vehicles.

“I promise, we shoot better than we throw,” one MP said as a water balloon smacked the pavement just feet from a reporter.

According to Master Sergeant Larry Gray, the company must complete 80 hours of driver training, or 1,000 miles, in the armored security vehicles on all kinds of terrain, including sand. The vehicles are meant to defeat small-arms fire, mines and improvised explosive devices.

Master Sgt. Gray said Friday would be the unit’s last day of training at Main Beach, and that the company had trained at the beach a week before. He said the unit has also trained in Montauk and on the North Fork.

The MPs, laughing as they pelted one another with the water balloons, ran around their four armored security vehicles parked in the resident-only parking lot behind the concession stand.

“Kids will be kids,” Master Sgt. Gray said. “It breaks up the monotony.”

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