Eastport Community Notes, July 4


I know the early bird is supposed to get the worm, but I wonder if the poor worms know that the birds are coming to look for them at 2:50 a.m. This seems to be the time our fine-feathered friends start chirping, at least in my yard and outside of my window, in the tree closest to the house.I have taken to putting a huge window fan on high to drown out the “singing.” This helps but I can still hear them a little. What I don’t get is that at around 7 a.m., when everyone is up and ingesting their first (or second) morning dose of caffeine, suddenly the birds are quiet. Is it time for their morning nap? Probably, seeming that they’ve been up for four hours already.

Now that we’ve past the longest day of the year, I am hopeful that the birds will cut us some slack in the early morning hours. Anyway, are there more mosquitoes this year than last year?

I heard the first firecracker of the summer on Sunday, which I think is late considering it was only four days before the Fourth of July. Usually, the pyros among us start “testing” their stuff weeks before. You know, once you get your hands on some fireworks it’s awfully hard to WAIT till the fourth to set some off.

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! Make it a safe one!

Congratulations to Gregory Mitchell of Eastport who received a doctor of law degree from the School of Law of Emory University down in Atlanta. Commencement took place on May 13.

Members of a local Eastport book group celebrating their 10th anniversary this summer were thrilled to have author Ellis Avery attend their meeting on June 24 and talk about her work. The book group, which boasts about a dozen women, had read Ms. Avery’s book, “The Teahouse Fire,” and decided to ask her to join them. She accepted the invite and came out to Eastport last month for the anniversary celebration.

The members of the local book group include Penny Mintz, Betty Sparrow, Maggi Gary, Eliana Betancourt, Joyce Endick, Teresa Gardian, Deborah Grody, Robin Kerenyi, Jennifer Marwood, Aytac Sutter, Nalda Rothe and Judy Schreiber. Betty and Penny are from Eastport. The rest of the members are from Westhampton, Quogue and East Quogue.

Congratulations to Luke Tuttle of Eastport, a second-year student in the applied networking and system administration program at Rochester Institute of Technology, who was named to the dean’s list for the spring semester. Luke is enrolled in the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences at RIT.

Finally, Sarah E. Einfeldt, a resident of Eastport, was recently named to the dean’s list at Boston University for the spring semester. Congratulations to Sarah.

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