Beachcomber, July 4


It is the end of June, add in the fact that school is finally out for the summer, throw in the U.S. Women’s Open, and also the fact that we just happen to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the Northeast—and you have a recipe for a traffic nightmare.I could not believe how crowded town was this past weekend. It is wonderful to see all the stores busy with customers and the restaurants filled to capacity, but trying to get around was nearly impossible. This isn’t your quiet summer community anymore, where we used to come to relax and get away from the hustle of New York City.

This past week was my birthday, and, as a result, I have been out celebrating non-stop! Tuesday afternoon, a friend took me to lunch at Le Chef, where I had not been in a while. What a treat! The meal was wonderful, and our server, Jill, was terrific.

That evening, I went to visit a friend who has a house on the ocean for the summer. We sat on the deck listing to the waves crash on the sand and watching the sunset. Absolutely amazing. However, I could never live there, as the thought of the water being that close would make me very uncomfortable.

Thursday was lunch at the Beach Club, which was very nice. We sat overlooking Lake Agawam, and I could see all the way up to the park. By the time we had finished, a fog rolled in, and you could barely see across the street. It was a little unsettling.

We then went into town, where my friend treated me to a massage. Little Bird Healing Spa, located at the foot of Hill Street, has just opened and offers a wide array of massages. I opted for the reflexology foot massage, where each part of the foot relates to a corresponding body part. With theme songs from old movies playing on Chinese instruments in the background, and the person working on my feet, I was in heaven. Take the time to relax and check them out—you won’t be disappointed.

That evening was an intimate dinner with friends, as we all enjoyed a fantastic meal and wonderful conversation. Friday night, I had dinner with my family early so I could be ready to go out with friends afterward. I wound up at, where else, Little Red. Several people have commented on the fact that I’m always there! The restaurant opened several years ago, on my birthday, so I guess we are kindred spirits—that, coupled with the fact that the bar is fun and the staff fantastic, makes for a comfortable environment.

While we were there, I ran into a group of the younger set who were on their way over to the Social Club. Not wanting to spoil the party, we joined them. Actually, being responsible young adults, they don’t drive when they go out, so we offered them rides to the club. There was a line outside, but, fortunately, Oz was at the door, which solved that issue. We drank champagne and danced the night away until almost 3 in the morning.

Saturday was the Rose Society garden tour, and when I saw the rain start, I felt bad. But by mid-morning the rain had stopped and I was recovered enough from the night before to venture out.

It was so nice to see the pink-and-white balloons all over town guiding the way for tour-goers. I started at Rogers Memorial Library, then moved on to Halsey Neck Lane to the incredible home of Anthony Roncalli and Eric Von Kuersteiner. The gardens were magnificent, to say the least. Next stop was the beautiful home of Audrey and Martin Gruss, followed by the lovely perennial gardens at Ocean Dream, the stunning home of Patty and George Kraus.

I took a break to have lunch with my family at Silver’s, where the BLT was calling my name. The place was crowded, but I didn’t care, as I savored my lunch. Afterward, it was back on the tour, to the charming home of Carole and Frederick Guest. A very big thank you to everyone for allowing us to view your amazing gardens.

I went home to relax before the evening round of parties started. First stop was the lovely home of Helga Dawn, where she held a reception for the Rose Society. Guests gathered around the pool enjoying the magnificent roses. Seen: Kim White and Kurt Wolfgruber, Adrienne White, Hal Goldberg, Nancy Rollins, Lyn and Warren Hamer, Peter Bertrand, Janus Murphy, Ryan Bell (the landscape designer for Anthony Roncalli and his partner, Eric), Jan Rose, Alixandra and Stuart Baker, Polly Johnson, Maggie and Nick Kirkbride, and Miriam Goldberg, who looked stunning in a green print outfit.

Next, it was off to Jobs Lane to Sequins for the cocktail party to benefit the Southampton Hospital summer party. Seen: Jean and Martin Shafiroff, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, Nicole Noonan, Lucy Puig and Jose Pincay-Delgado, Regina Kravit, Katherine and Gary Andreassen, Tom Ratcliffe, and Lauren Roberts.

The next party was at Whitefield for a “Great Gatsby”-style theme party in the historic music room. It was so wonderful to see many of the guests dressing up for the theme party. Enjoying the vintage music: Kay and John McEnroe, Pat Munn (with a fabulous feather boa), Ann Miller, Rosalie Brinton, Matt Allen, Nancy and Enrique Lopez-Balboa, Ilsebe Wyman, Jennifer Lobo, John Punnett, Bobo and Charles McKenney, Doran Mullen, Suzette Smith, Millie Brinn, Camille Campbell, Jean Fitzsimmons, Howard Marton, Lucy Puig and Jose Pincay-Delgado, Sandra McConnell, Marion and Phil Piro, Hildegard Jones, Barbara Rossi, Chuck Donnaud, David Albenda, Graham Watkins, Lacy Doyle and son Virgil, Sam Orleans and Kevin Hansley, and Larry Horton with sister Nancy Lynn.

Afterward, I went to a party of the younger set—no Social Club this time, but a good old-fashioned Southampton party at home. What fun!—but hanging out with the twenty-somethings is exhausting.

Sunday was a very quiet day at home, followed by some late-afternoon shopping in town. As I walked by 75 Main, I ran into a group of friends and joined them for a cocktail.

Monday evening, a very dear friend invited me to dinner at Delmonico’s. What a treat! The service is amazing, and our meal was fantastic. My friend is a chef, so our standards were high, and they were met with each course. The atmosphere is delightful, and I am thrilled that we have a wonderful new place to enjoy what I think was a gastronomic delight. Fortunately, I did not see the bill, but I assure you it was worth every penny. Thank you, MR, for a great evening.

This weekend, there are so many events and parties, I don’t even know where to begin, but here are a few that are worth your time.

Thursday morning is the Fourth of July parade in Southampton Village. This is absolutely a must, as it embodies the spirit of patriotism that makes us a great nation.

Next, there is a jewelry show hosted by Lisa and Kingsley Crawford. If you are looking to spruce up your summer wardrobe, there is nothing like some new gems to add a sparkle to your outfit and your smile. They always have some of the most unique pieces.

Friday evening, there is only one place to be, and that is on Meadow Lane for the annual American Picnic to benefit the Southampton Fresh Air Home. Games for the children and a wonderful buffet, all topped off with a fireworks display that will not disappoint. This is a terrific event for the entire family and a great way to celebrate the Fourth.

Saturday night, you can head over to South Main Street to the Halsey House Gala to benefit the Southampton Historical Society. Period costumes, a silent auction and an incredible spread of edibles that will make everyone happy.

I hope to see you there!

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