Khanh’s Sports Opens Up A Miniature Golf Course


Those searching for a quick game of miniature golf do not have to look any farther than Khanh’s Sports store on Montauk Highway in East Hampton. As customers step through the store’s typically open doors, an 18-hole mini-golf course awaits them like a zen garden.

“I wanted a family activity that would take the focus off stress and things that take time away from family,” said business owner Khanh Ngo who recently expanded into the former Spielberg Nursery site.

Each hole is made of high-density composite material—the same material used for boats—to take the beating of the sun and rain, he said. What’s even cooler from the businessman’s perspective? The course is portable. For $350 per hole, Mr. Ngo can rent it out to whomever is in need of a minigolf course.

“People say it’s genius,” he said. “It looks simple but it came in pieces.”

The price of renting the golf course includes delivery and set up, he said.

For $8 per ball, customers can try their hand at a fun, but tricky, course that covers the business’s backyard. A family from Stockholm, visiting East Hampton for the first time, had already found the newest family attraction on Thursday.

“This is great fun,” said Ingvill Houmb Sjölin as a family member scored a near hole-in-one. “It’s quite an easy course.”

Mr. Ngo said the course has already attracted many players since he installed it in June, but he has yet to take advantage of it.

“I’ve been so busy I’ve only played two holes,” he said laughing. “My guys, on their day off, come and play.”

In the event that a family wants to hold a birthday party at the course, Nabil Bahi of Pepperoni’s Pizza in Springs has agreed to cater food, Mr. Ngo said.

Installing a miniature golf course has been on Mr. Ngo’s mind for over a year, he said, and when he finally opened up his second location in April, his dream became a reality. And because the course is not a permanent fixture, he did not have to go through any advisory boards before installing it. He said his investors felt that the mini golf course was a step in the right direction.

“They told me ‘We know what you’ve done and we want to support it,’” he said. “There’s nothing this family-friendly in East Hampton. People can come and play table tennis outdoors, and Foosball, anything.”

As he hopped around from customer to customer, riding bikes, and picking out new gear, he said he’s already running out of room at the 1-acre space.

“It’s like a playground or its own village,” he said. “It’s a destination where people make a point to come.”

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