Beachcomber, July 11


I just love the smell of privet in bloom. I always wait to have the hedge trimmed so I can enjoy the fragrant smell. Of course, that does mean that the hedge is not manicured within an inch of its life—but I try to let that go and just enjoy the wonderful aroma.While shopping in town on Saturday morning, I marveled at all the fancy cars that were driving up and down the streets. The engines racing on the sports cars always makes me laugh, as the driver lets everyone know they are in such an important car. I remember that, when I was younger, the flashiest cars in town were Fords. Since several of the Ford family resided here for the summer, that was the car the old guard drove. You never saw a Ferrari or a Bentley; now they are a dime a dozen.

The long weekend started for me on Wednesday evening with a delightful cocktail party at a friend’s home. We all enjoyed drinks and wonderful nibbles as we discussed weekend plans.

Thursday morning, it was up early and over to Jobs Lane to get a place along the parade route. We settled in under the shade of a tree and sat back to enjoy a slice of real Americana. The sun came out and shined bright as the parade marched by. As always, the parade was delightful—although it was longer than usual. Fire trucks, bagpipes, marching bands and floats made for an entertaining morning. I was so proud as everyone celebrated this great country of ours. We are truly so fortunate.

I felt bad for all the dogs that were marching in the parade—it was too hot, and they are so close to the steamy pavement, and a couple of them almost collapsed from the heat. I think it would be better if they were on floats with umbrellas and water bowls. Just a thought for next year.

Afterward, I went over to the Southampton Center to see the festivities. A family circus was performing as the center gets ready to kick off with its official opening. The afternoon was spent at home enjoying a special family holiday tradition, a midday meal.

That evening, I headed over to the lovely home of Lisa and Flip Crawford for cocktails. Lisa and her daughter Kingsley held their annual Fourth of July jewelry trunk show. The sparkling gems were not to be believed, and my mother couldn’t resist trying a few things on for size.

Friday evening, I think I spent more time in the car than I did at any one event!

First stop was the lovely home of a good friend from Palm Beach, Bob Dowling. He has just redone his home in Mecox Landing in Water Mill, and to say it’s magnificent is an understatement. We enjoyed cocktails on the deck overlooking Mecox Bay. Seen: Phil Malonoy and Bob Taft, Tom Samet and Nathan Wold, Maribeth and Ellen Welsh, Pamela Fiori, Colt Givner, Judy and Jack Hadlock (Jack in a vintage Stolman sport jacket, which was the envy of all the other guests), San Francisco style blogger Scot Meacham, Randi and Bob Tabor, and Rich Wilkie and former “Beachcomber” scribe Steven Stolman.

I hated to leave early, but it was over to Meadow Lane for the Fresh Air Home’s American Picnic with Fireworks. This is a truly amazing family event. There are games and face-painting for the young children, wonderful food from Robbins Wolfe—the tennis court was turned into a giant dining room, with tables overflowing onto the lawn—and, of course, a fireworks display by the Grucci family that lights up the sky and dazzles the eyes.

Enjoying the evening: Maria and Mike Avram (along with most of their family, and seven grandchildren), Marianne and Mark Epley, Kim White and Kurt Wolfgrubber, Allison Mann, Nancy Lynn Horton and brother Larry, Joe Markovich, Susan Napa Cocke and husband Phil, Millie Brinn, Christl and Kenny Meszkat, Carol and Jim Cavaluzzi, Raya and Cliff Knight, Cathy and Malcolm Price, Laura Lofaro Freeman and husband Jim Freeman, Sheila O’Malley Fuchs and husband Joe Fuchs, Maura and Sean O’Rourke (with Caitlin and Aidan), Peggy Hill, Kay Gilman, Pam and Bill Michaelcheck, the Ganek family, Allison Morrow and husband Jon Cohen, Ellen and Fran L’Esperance, Linda and Arthur Fraser, and Carola and Bob Jain.

This is a truly wonderful experience, and I am so grateful for everyone’s support of the Fresh Air Home. I know that there were a lot of surrounding homes that decided to have parties and take full advantage of the fireworks display. Many of them have been kind enough to send donations to the Fresh Air Home as a thank you for the free fireworks, which I think is admirable.

Saturday night, it was off to South Main Street for the Halsey House Gala. This is a favorite, as the caterer is Schmidt’s, which means delicious food and, thanks to Herbert and Rist Liquor Store, great cocktails.

People in period costumes performing reenactments, a silent auction and, thankfully, a wonderful breeze made for a delightful night. The evening is to benefit the Southampton Historical Society, which is a terrific cause.

Seen enjoying the evening: Annette and Gerry Geddes, Jane Rose, Kent Atkins, Peggy Hill, Zita Davison, Gary Lawrance, Denise and Alfred Hurley, Doran Mullen, Margaret and Greg Hedberg, Gerri and Morgan MacWhinnie, Suzanne and Mark Caldwell, Sean Bruns, Maria Greenlaw, Marge Sullivan, Myra and Frank Weiser, Mary Lynch, Sandra Walser, Diane and Bob Decker, Camille Campbell, Lyda Ely and Jeff Brodlieb, Ann LaWall, Willie Salm, Peter Hallock, Mallory Samson, Mark Paviluk, and Marie Glinka and brother Stan. By the way, congrats to Stan, who kicked off his campaign for Southampton Town Council last week.

Afterward, it was down the block to Gin Lane to a private celebration for two wonderful couples. We enjoyed the evening and celebrated these couples’ special day. Congratulations to the C’s and the M’s. Here is to another 50!

Sunday afternoon was a memorial service and cocktail reception for a wonderful member of our community who was a longtime supporter of Southampton Hospital and the Fresh Air Home. You will be greatly missed, Jack.

Monday evening, I headed over to the Avram Theater for the weekly concert series put on by Pianofest. What a rare treat, listening to these amazing young people performing classical music for the piano. It is so wonderful to have so many great cultural events to enjoy out here during the summer season.

Afterward, a friend and I went over to the Bath and Tennis Club for barbecue night. What a treat, sitting on the deck enjoying a wonderful meal and funny stories, all with the ocean as our backdrop. We did get a little out of hand, and at one point I was laughing so had I couldn’t speak, which, if you know me, is a surprise.

This weekend is chock full of parties and events to attend. Friday evening is the kickoff cocktail reception for the new Southampton Center, which is happily taking over the Parrish Art Museum’s old space. Artists Diane Tuft, Bentley Meeker and David Michalek will all be exhibiting their work. After the reception, there will be a screening of the critically acclaimed documentary “Chasing Ice.” So bring a blanket and a picnic basket, and relax for the evening, and get a taste of the new Southampton Center.

Saturday evening is the President’s Committee Reception for Southampton Hospital’s 55th annual Summer Party. The evening is to thank all those who have bought $1,000 worth of raffle tickets—so, hurry, there is still time. This is always a wonderful party, and one that you will be glad you attended, a slice of old Southampton.

The main attraction this weekend is the annual Summer Party for the Parrish Art Museum. This year, the event will be at the museum’s new location in Water Mill, and it is set to be a must on everyone’s social calendar—cocktails, dinner and dancing, all on the new patio at the museum, which is not to be missed. I look forward to this event each year, as it brings out the best outfits and most interesting people on the East End. The evening is capped off with an after party that has everyone out on the dance floor enjoying the night. I hope to see you there!

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