Beachcomber, July 18


The other night, I was standing on my upstairs balcony overlooking the backyard and saw an amazing display of lightning bugs twinkling all around the property—what an impressive sight. Remember when you were a child and spent hours trying to catch them in jars?I still find it amazing how many people don’t bother to follow any of the rules these days. I stopped by the Village Cheese Shop for one of their made-to-order salads recently, and when I walked outside I was almost run down by a young man on a motorized skateboard. Next thing, I look up to see a woman make a U-turn to grab a parking space, and another young man riding his skateboard on the sidewalk. This all took place in under five minutes—and there wasn’t one brownie out there to stop them. The signs posted on the streets clearly state no bike riding, no skateboarding and no U-turns.

The latest thing is people stopping at a red light and thinking this is the perfect time to start texting. The light turns green, and no one moves. You tap your horn to make them realize that the light has changed, and they get annoyed with you and show it with some unpleasant hand gesture. I don’t understand the need to be constantly on our cellphones.

The other day, I was driving on Hill Street and needed to get gas, so I pulled into Enstine’s. I could not believe the sign that announces they are celebrating their 100th anniversary! Can you imagine, in this day and age, still finding a family-owned and -operated service-oriented gas station? Four generations and still going strong—I think that is great. Congratulations!

Thursday afternoon, I went over to the courtyard with the fountain on Jobs Lane for an intimate cocktail party at Paule Ka, a wonderful French clothing store for ladies. The event was for the Southampton Hospital Summer Party. This is Paule Ka’s first store in the United States, and they are planning to open one on Madison Avenue this fall.

What a fun evening, as we sipped Veuve Clicquot and watched as many of the guests tried on the beautifully made clothes. Patrick McMullan was there and started flashing away, turning the event into a fashion photo shoot. Seen: Jean Shafiroff, Sandra McConnell, Jessica Mackin, Michelle Herger, Melanie Wambold, and Cole Rumbough with his mother, Leah. Cole is an accomplished jazz and cabaret singer, and he just happens to be the great-grandson of Marjorie Merriweather Post, one of the grande dames of society.

Afterward, I met a friend for dinner. We decided to go to Delmonico’s, which was the perfect spot. When we arrived, the hostess, Jonalyn, who looked great in a Souleiado blouse over a pair of white slacks, met us at the door. I had a nice chat with owner Dennis Turcinovic, who told me they have been busy all season. The two of us enjoyed our meal and had a great time catching up. If you haven’t been yet, it is well worth it, and I know you will not be disappointed. They are starting a sunset four-course special for just $45 a person.

Friday evening, it was off to Jobs Lane and the former Parrish Art Museum, which is now the Southampton Center. I was a little sad as I looked out on the lawn, which normally would have the big tent set up for the museum’s big summer party—but things change, and change is good, right?

This was the kickoff party to celebrate the summer season of the new center. They have a full schedule of various events planned for the rest of the summer that will be fun for the entire family. I am very glad that this wonderful building is getting a new lease on life and hope that the community helps to support the center. They are planning to raise money to do a full renovation.

Seen: Mayor Mark Epley and lovely wife Marianne, Pat Munn with daughter Linda and son Orson, Ann Miller, Susie Wagner, Pam and Bill Michaelcheck, Melanie and John Wambold, Pam Walker and Daniel Storey, Debbie Tanger, Rosanna Scotto, Joe Redding, Helene Stevens, J. Whitney Stevens, Jennifer Lobo, Willie Salm, Paton Miller, Liz Deneny, Larry Horton, Noel and Debbie Hare, James Fahnstock, and Gillian Miniter.

Saturday night was a juggling act, and I had to keep to a schedule if I was going to make all the events of the night. The first stop was the Shinnecock Golf Club for cocktails. What a delight standing on the back porch looking at the sweeping views of the course and the windmill at neighboring National Golf Links. This was a private affair, so I have to be careful what I write, but thank you to the host and hostess.

By 6:30, it was on to the next event, which was on First Neck Lane. It was the stunning home of Carola and Bob Jain, who were hosting the President’s Party for the Southampton Hospital Summer Gala. Carola and Bob have done an amazing renovation on their home, and guests were treated to a spectacular evening on the patio with the most delicious nibbles from caterer Peter Callahan.

Seen: Jean Fitzsimmons, Nancy and Peter Larsen, Laura Lofaro Freeman and husband Jim, Debbie Tanger, Ann Grimm, Howard Marton, and Polly Johnson, just to name a few. Bob Chaloner, the president and CEO of the hospital, gave a short speech and talked about all the amazing things happening at the hospital.

It was back in the car and on to the third stop of the night, which was the beautiful home of Ana Maria and Jimmy Holme. This is where my schedule got sidetracked, as I was having too much fun and ignored the time. It was an old-fashioned Southampton cocktail party, my favorite kind, as the guests mingled in the gardens enjoying the night.

Seen: Barbara Lord, Lisa and Flip Crawford, Jane and Bob Fear, Cindy and Ladd Willis, Michele and Scott Lindsay, Ellen and Michael Irving, Lisa and David Gillespie, and Marion and Phil Piro.

I got in the car and headed to my final stop of the night, the new Parrish Art Museum, for its Midsummer Party. This is always a fantastic party, and this year was no exception, as the museum outdid itself for the first party in its new home.

I was amazed as the porch was transformed into a giant dining room ready to serve the almost 600 guests there to celebrate the new space. The evening was catered by Olivier Cheng, which was by far the best I have ever seen at an event of this size.

Terrie Sultan was beaming as she surveyed all the guests enjoying a wonderful night. Seen: Margo MacNabb Nederlander and husband Jimmy, Charlene and Jim Nederlander, Debbie Bancroft, Liz and Peter Haveles, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Millie Brinn, Zita Davison, Gary Lawrance, Allison Morrow and Jon Cohen, Melanie and John Wambold, Lydia and Rudy Touzet, Beth Rudin De Woody, Randy Kemper and Tony Ingrao, Tatiana and Campion Platt, Whitney Fairchild, Dorothy Lichtenstein, and too many more to mention.

There was no reason to go to Social Club that night, as the museum turned its theater into a dance space where the junior party was held. I realize I am not a junior, but several of the older set stayed and danced the evening away. What a truly amazing evening—and congratulations on such a successful event.

This weekend is full of events and private cocktail parties that will definitely be worth your time. Saturday afternoon at 5 p.m. is the “We Love A Piano” concert, which is being held at the Southampton Historical Museum. This is Pianofest’s big concert fundraiser of the season and is truly not to be missed. Isabel Rose will be singing, while Konstantin Soukhovetski will accompany her on the piano. Sitting on the lawn of the old Rogers Mansion enjoying beautiful music is something not to be missed.

The Designer Showhouse has its opening night party on Saturday night. This is a great opportunity to see what’s new in the design world and always has me wanting to redecorate the house.

The Southampton Animal Shelter will host a big dinner dance at the lovely home of Sandra McConnell. Cocktails, dinner and dancing under the stars—how can you not enjoy that?

I realize I am getting ahead of myself, but since the paper is a weekly, I don’t want you to miss out on anything: On Thursday, July 25, Art Southampton will host an opening reception at the Elks Lodge. That Friday, the Garden Club of Southampton will host a centennial lecture and garden tour. There will be a continental breakfast and lecture at the Cultural Center on Pond Lane, followed by tours of five gorgeous homes in Southampton.

I hope to see you there!

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