Women Call For Signs Warning Motorists Not To Leave Dogs In Their Cars


Motorists who travel with their four-legged friends in tow may soon think twice about leaving their dogs inside their cars.

Lynn Lehocky and Zelda Penzel are on a mission to post signs in municipal parking lots warning that their pets’ lives may be at stake if left inside a car during the hot summer months.

The warnings look much like typical parking signs and cost approximately $21 to $30 to produce, according to Ms. Lehocky, who spoke before the East Hampton Town Board on Thursday. She said she is willing to pay for the signs out of pocket.

In New York State, it is a ticketable offense to leave a pet in a car in extreme heat or cold. Fines can be as much as $250.

“When people see these signs, it’s not a personal decision anymore—it’s against the law, so people are less inclined to do it,” she said, adding that the signs have been placed throughout Southampton Town.

With permission from the board, the women will be working with Pat Gunn, the town’s public safety officer, to figure out how they can post the signs.

Ms. Penzel said they plan on approaching the East Hampton Village Board about the idea at its meeting on July 31.

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