Springs Residents Concerned About Neighborhood Volleyball Games, School Street Parking And Underused Buildings


At a Springs Citizens Advisory Committee meeting on Monday night, East Hampton Town Councilwoman Theresa Quigley discussed a proposal to limit organized events in residential areas—a response to a plea from residents who are fed up with noise, traffic and litter along Harbor Boulevard.

According to Ms. Quigley, there have been volleyball games five nights a week at residences along the road, which have become the bane of many neighbors’ existence.

A Springs resident, who did not want to be identified for fear of retribution, said she has picked up trash along the roadway after the volleyball games have ended.

“I’ve worked my entire life to live peaceably in East Hampton and I can’t justify being the neighborhood garbage lady,” she said, adding that on Monday night she picked up an empty bottle of Smirnoff vodka. She said there are sometimes 25 cars and at least three motorcycles parked along the road on any given evening.

Ms. Quigley has suggested limiting organized events in a residential area to 10 per year and allowing a maximum of 10 people per event. She said the proposal would encourage people to use public fields rather than backyards, and that it is time to propose a law because the residents of one home on the street have been in and out of Justice Court for the same issues.

The Springs resident said a lot of her neighbors are just as stressed out as she is and that there is plenty of support to improve the situation.

“One event a month is doable, and I’m sure people will keep a record,” she said. “And a maximum of 10 people will certainly help our neighborhood. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t support that.”

The Town Board will discuss the proposal at Tuesday’s work session.

School Street Parking

The society is working on a proposal to limit parking along School Street to protect the Pussy’s Pond preserve and protect students walking to and from school. Currently there is no parking on the street except for in front of the pond. A draft proposal suggests no parking on the west side of the street, except within the school zone, near the pond. On the eastern side of School Street, there would be parking just south of the school and timed one-hour parking directly in front of the school. On each side of the one-hour parking would be no-stopping or no-standing zones.

A special Springs School Board meeting has been called for Thursday at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the proposal.

A Mission To Fill Underused Spaces

According to Loring Bolger, the CAC’s chairwoman, the organization is on a mission to book underused spaces in Springs for different events.

In August, the Parrish Art Museum is holding a soft sculpture show at the Duck Creek Farm barn, and the society is considering working with the Clay Art Guild of the Hamptons to host a coffeehouse event next spring at the Parsons Blacksmith Shop across from Ashawagh Hall. The blacksmith shop is typically used once a year for the Fisherman’s Fair in August.

“We’re starting to get the ball rolling, getting underutilized buildings used,” Ms. Bolger said. “If [the blacksmith shop] isn’t used, and maintained, and improved, that building is going to become a wreck.”

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