Elizabeth Kotz Tapped To Fill School Board Vacancy


The Bridgehampton Board of Education was expected this week to appoint former board member Elizabeth Kotz to fill a vacancy created when former board president Nicki Hemby resigned in July.

The board was scheduled to vote on the appointment at its regular meeting on Wednesday, July 31. If approved, Ms. Kotz, who was first elected to the board in 2005 and has a son at the Bridgehampton School, will return to the board for approximately one year beginning July 31.

Ms. Kotz had two years left in her third three-year term in office in July 2011, when she resigned for personal reasons. She was replaced by Gabriella Braia.

Ms. Hemby resigned from the School Board, effective July 1, after pleading guilty in June to a felony grand larceny charge unrelated to school district business.

This week, Ms. Kotz said she was approached by the board shortly afterward. Although it is a temporary position, Ms. Kotz said she was happy to help the district.

Dr. Lois Favre, the district superintendent, declined to comment on the appointment until after the vote on Wednesday.

Ronald White was elected the board’s president and Lillian Tyree-Johnson its vice president at the board’s organizational meeting earlier this summer.

Ms. Kotz said she anticipates an update from the other board members and that she is happy to be coming on at the beginning of the school year to ease the transition.

“I am happy to help the school,” she said. “I had been on the School Board for a number of years, so when they approached me, I thought it would be prudent for the district to have someone who knows the ropes.”

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