Beachcomber, August 1


Well, all the parties and dinners finally caught up with me, as my ulcer decided to flare up, big time. Too many rich meals, cocktails and late nights caused me to have to take a step back this past week. It was rest and bland food for me to calm things down.By Thursday I was feeling well enough to venture out. That night was the VIP preview party for Art Southampton. The traffic from the accident earlier in the day had cleared up just in time for a new traffic jam, as the guests started arriving at the event. Nicolas Korniloff, who also puts on Art Miami in the winter, coordinated this art extravaganza, which has doubled in size in its second year.

Members of Southampton society and the art world converged at the large tented pavilion to view an impressive collection of artwork from more than 100 galleries. Upon arriving at the main doors, you were greeted by the Alexandre Arrecha sculpture from his “No Limits” series, which the Keszler Gallery had put out on display. (By the way, if you get a chance, go over to 200 North Sea Road to see Stephan’s new space—it’s amazing.)

I was standing at the front of the tent when Kevin Berlin walked in with a group of young, almost naked ladies covered in green paint, —it was part of his performance art piece, titled “Alien Invasion.” Walking the aisles, I was amazed at the wide variety of media that were on display. This event was an art student’s dream, with so many varied and diverse art styles.

Seen looking at the works: Pamela Cohen, China Machado, Bob Chaloner (president and CEO of Southampton Hospital), Oscar Mandes, Justine Corbin, Pam Walker, Daniel Storey, Chris Arnold, Liz Haveles, Ann Barish, Henry Buhl, Kip Geddes, Angela Hearst, Danielle Gingerich, Yvie Hentic, Mark Epley and lovely wife Marianne, Susie Wagner, Annette Geddes, Patty Kraus, Nancy Stone, Sharon Kerr, Cole Rumbough, Cricket Burns, Matty and Steve Reiss, Henry Koehler, Phil Kassover, Weezie Collins, Daphne Hoge, Stan Glinka, and Damon Hagan, one of the trustees of the Elks Lodge.

While you were picking out a new piece of art for your home, you could also pick up a sparkling bauble from the House of Graff, which had a rather dazzling display of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires in display cases and on the necks of some rather stunning models. Or maybe a new set of wheels was more your thing—then all you had to do was go over to the Maserati booth to check out one of the sports cars they had on display.

Afterward, several friends were going out for dinner and asked me to join them. I decided to behave and go home to get some much-needed rest. I did the same on Friday evening and declined an invitation for dinner with friends, thank you for understanding.

By the way, I heard through the grapevine that the lecture given by Rosalind Creasy at the Garden Club event on Friday morning was fantastic. Her book “The Edible Landscape” sold out. The weather held out so that everyone could enjoy the five gardens on this year’s tour. Great job, Lydia, and all the ladies of the club.

Saturday afternoon, a small group of ladies got together to celebrate a very special person’s birthday. The hostess of the luncheon and I decided it would be fun if I brought out the birthday cake. So into the kitchen I go, candles lit and out to surprise the birthday girl. I stayed for cake, of course, which is not on my bland diet, but I had been good all week, so a little cake didn’t hurt.

Saturday night was another one of those marathon evenings, as there were more events than one person could possibly attend. I started the night at St John’s Church on South Main Street for the annual Art Fair. I probably should have skipped this one, as it would have been better on my wallet, but I saw a painting that I just had to have and, of course, bought it. I was delighted to meet the artist, Megan Euell, and had a delightful conversation with her. Some of you will know her father, Tom, who used greet you at the entrance to the Beach Club for many years.

Seen admiring the amazing artwork: Liz and Sean Deneny, Lisa Gillespie, James Fahnstock, Maggie and Nick Kirkbride, Ann Calder, Renate von Boyens, Sheila O’Malley Fuch and husband Joe, Nancy and Peter Larsen, Linda Euell, Sue and Ann Madonia, Cynthia and Fred Eaton, and Barbara Lord. By the way, a belated happy birthday, Barbara.

The next stop was The Music Room at Whitefield for the Triform cocktail party. Hosted by Jean Fitzsimmons, with Patty and George Kraus as the honorary chairs, the night was to benefit Triform Camphill Community, an educational and therapeutic community for young adults with special needs.

Carolynn and Friends, which included members of the management of the Hampton Classic Horse Show, Executive Director Shanette Barth Cohen, Troy Powell and Bryan Cohen, as well as Carolynn’s 9-year-old goddaughter, Sofia Krause, catered the evening. Can you believe that the Classic is just around the corner? The summer is going by far too fast.

Seen lending their support: Karen and David Fleiss, Lisa and Rome Arnold, Renee Harbers and Chris Liddell, Cristian and Olivia Lopez-Balboa, Barbara Cartatequi, Sandra McConnell and Basil Zirinis, Lyn and Warren Hamer, Pat Lynch, Priscilla Ullman, Betty Knowlton, Anne and Cameron MacRea, Maria and Dan Del Rio, Ann and Bill Yawney, Gloria Meyers, Sandra Walsham, Sophy Haynes and her son Robbie, Nancy Stone, Howard Marton, Kay and Stan Glinka, Nancy Roland, Bob Taft and Phil Moloney, and Rosalie Brinton.

If you weren’t able to make it on Saturday night, take the time to go to their website where you can learn more about this wonderful organization and make a donation.

Then it was off to Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center for this summer’s gala, which was titled “Devil’s Heaven.” This is an amazing evening filled with performance art projects all over the grounds of the center. I will not pretend to understand any of what I saw, but I will say that it was interesting, thought-provoking and definitely different.

Seen: Jamee and Peter Gregory, Debbie and Bill Bancroft, Dr. Mark Kopt, Joy Marks, Carole and Fred Guest, Lee Fryd, Tatiana and Campion Platt, Count Michel Langlais de Langlade, Kevin Berlin, David Nadal, Zita Davison, Gary Lawrance, Phil Kassover, Hilary and Wilbur Ross, Winona Ryder, Alan Cummings, Bonnie Comely and Stewart Lane, Christopher Engel, Lady Gaga, Carola and Bob Jain, Fern Mallis, Jean Shafiroff, Henry Buhl, and Anne and Cameron MacRae, just to name a few.

Afterward, a group of us went over to Nammos for a delightful dinner, which we followed up with an evening at Social Club. I finally ran out of steam and headed for home far later then I had planned on staying out.

On Sunday evening, Pat Lynch held a cocktail party at her lovely home for the Dominican Sisters Family Health Services. My mother had occasion several years ago to avail herself of the Sisters’ services, and I was only too happy to attend this charity event. I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Zagajeski, the president and CEO, who gave a short speech about the organization. (How refreshing—a short speech! Some other charities should take note of the idea of keeping the speeches to a minimum.)

The Sisters have been working in Suffolk County for more than 60 years and provide home health care for people recovering from various illnesses. They also offer a Helping Hands care program, which offers seniors basic home care enabling them to remain independent in their homes. Guests enjoyed a wonderful selection of wines and champagnes courtesy of Pernod Ricard, USA.

Seen: Chris Zagajeski (Mary’s husband), Jane and Bob Fear, Camille Campbell, Pam Walker and Daniel Storey, Brenda Gall, Ann and Vincent Madonia, Sophy Haynes, Doran Mullen, Kristi Witker, Walter Elliott, Christl and Kenny Meszkat, Thea and Bill Hattrick, Liz Battle and Tred Covington, Bobo McKenney, Thomas Burke, Tom Dana, Nancy and Enrique Lopez-Balboa, Rolf Weitmeyer, and Ron Krawczyk.

This weekend, the main event is on Saturday night—my favorite party of the summer, Southampton Hospital’s 55th annual Summer Party, which will be held this year under the pavilion at the Elks Lodge, thanks to the generosity of Nicolas Korniloff and the Elks. Cocktails, dinner and dancing all to benefit the Jenny and John Paulson Emergency Room and the Audrey and Martin Gruss Heart and Stroke Center. This is the epitome of a classic summer party, which is not to be missed.

On Sunday at 3 p.m., the lovely and talented soprano Sarah Moulton Faux will be performing at the Southampton Cultural Center in a recital of classical, romantic and operatic favorites for both voice and violin. Junko Ohtsu will perform on the violin, Wei-En Hsu will perform on the piano, and Sarah will dazzle us with her incredible voice. I hope to see you there!

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