‘Steak’ And ‘Moussaka’ Signs Gone From Old Stove Pub


The Old Stove Pub in Sagaponack can keep its iconic lighted sign with glowing red arrow, but the storied restaurant recently removed two other signs that for decades announced the eclectic offerings inside.

Two white plywood signs emblazoned respectively with “Steaks” and “Moussaka” were removed from their posts on the front yard of the property on Montauk Highway after the restaurant’s ownership was served with a summons several months ago from Sagaponack Village for violating a sign law that went into effect last year.

The law allows only one sign per commercial property. The lighted sign with the name of the restaurant on it had originally been destined for the scrap heap as well, since the law initially required that any signs not approved under the new sign law be removed by the end of 2012. However, the Sagaponack Village Board last fall adopted an amendment to the sign law allowing for old signs along the highway to be grandfathered in under the law.

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