Quogue Village Approves Purchase Of Three New Police Vehicles


The Quogue Village Board of Trustees approved the purchase of three new police vehicles for a little less than $100,000 during its monthly meeting on Friday afternoon at Quogue Village Hall.

The vehicles—two 2014 Ford Tauruses and one Ford Escape—will come from Van Bortel Ford in East Rochester and cost the village $99,346.50. The bill will be paid with money in the village’s Police-Capital Reserve Fund.

Quogue Village Police Chief Robert Coughlin said at last week’s meeting that the two Taurus vehicles were still being detailed, but would be put in circulation soon. The department had not yet begun detailing work on the Escape, he added.

The cars will replace aging vehicles in the regular rotation that have more than 115,000 miles, Chief Coughlin said. The older cars will be kept as reserve vehicles and the police department’s current reserve vehicles will be auctioned off.

During the same meeting, the board also discussed potentially creating a police and fire fueling station in the village near Montauk Highway. The village has a fueling station behind the Jessup Avenue firehouse, but Chief Coughlin said it can be difficult to access, especially in a pinch or when multiple vehicles need to access it.

“It’s nice, but it’s tough for a big fire truck to get back there and fill up,” he said.

Mayor Peter Sartorius said a location near Montauk Highway would make it easier for vehicles to respond to incidents in a timely manner.

The board also authorized Mr. Sartorius to approve municipal and fire department insurance polices with annual premiums at $210,000 or less. The board also signed off more than $37,000 in tax refunds.

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