Results From Westhampton Yacht Squadron


This summer, the members of the Westhampton Yacht Squadron hosted and participated in numerous sailing events.

On August 2 and 3, the club hosted a Great South Bay Yacht Racing Association (GSBYRA) Invitational. The junior regatta of the invitational was organized and conducted by WYS sailing coach John Zambriski and held on August 2. There were 104 competitors, 88 from GSBYRA and 16 from the Peconic Gardiners Junior Sailing Association (PGJSA).

Comeragh Sheehan, Henry Smyth and J.P. Marcos placed fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively, in the Optimist blue division. In the Optimist green class, Griffin Sisk, Liam Brouillette and R.J. Kern were second, fifth and sixth, respectively. In the Opti WBR class, Sheehan, Smyth and Marcos placed fourth, fifth and eighth, respectively.

The results of the races on August 3 were as follows: Smyth placed first, Sisk placed second and Griffin Fluehr placed third in the Opti class. In the Sunfsh open class, Wally Dawydiak was first, Sundy Schermeyer was second and Alfred Cavallaro was third.

An award ceremony was held at the end of the racing on August 3.

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