Alexander F. Rothwell Of Remsenburg and Westport, Connecticut, Dies August 12


Alexander Falcon Rothwell of Westport, Connecticut, and Remsenburg died unexpectedly on August 12. He was 13.

His family described him as a “joyous, singular soul, fearless explorer, adventurous spirit, fiery and sensitive, impulsive tinkerer, brilliant mathematician, science Olympian, voracious fantasy reader, Clash of Clans addict, ocean lover, prodigious builder of all things, and reluctant paddle board champion.” They said his “blazing smile lit the way and that his death devastates those he touched.” They said, however, that they were proud of his life and his intelligence, wit, energy, beauty and “his unwavering faith in his ideas.”

Alexander is survived by his parents, Susan and Jim Rothwell; and a brother, Zachary.

A funeral service was held on August 24 at the Unitarian Church in Westport.

Memorial donations may be made to Oceana, a cause Alexander cared about, at Https://

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