Beachcomber, August 29


A few weeks ago, I saw a photo in The Press of a friend of mine who happens to be a doctor. He is part of the Long Island Bone and Joint group that recently moved to new offices on County Road 39. I was happy for him but thought to myself, that is one place I won’t need to go to.Well, fast-forward two weeks. I’m rushing around the house one morning, not paying any attention, and what happens? I trip and fall on my right hand. It hurt, but I figured it would be fine. Well, after a while, I realized my wrist needed attention, and since I am right-handed I did not want to take a chance.

Guess what office I had the pleasure of seeing? You got it—the inside of Long Island Bone and Joint. I have to say, I have never been in a more efficient doctors’ office in my life. After I arrived, a full medical history and X-rays were taken, so that when Dr. John Hubbell walked in, he knew exactly what he was dealing with—and I am now in a wrist brace for the next several weeks. Thank you, John, for the great care.

Fortunately, this did not stop me from going out this past week. Wednesday evening, it was off to the home of a lovely couple for an intimate dinner party. Cocktails, nibbles and a wonderful dinner were the order for the evening, along with some very interesting conversation. By the way, N and E, the book is very interesting.

Thursday night, Megan Euell held an art show at 1708 House on Main Street. Having just bought one of her paintings at the St. John’s art fair, I decided to take a peek. She has on display an array of works that she painted while in Italy and Switzerland, as well as local scenes. She is a plein air painter, meaning that the majority of the work is done at the actual location, which makes for a very interesting mix of light and shadow.

Seen admiring her works: Skip Ralph, Nancy and Peter Larsen, Pam Walker and Daniel Storey, Carol and Ronald Ahler, Jeanne and Jimmy Ferrer, Jeanie Johnson, Hilary and James Fuchs, Kim and Chris Allan, Ana Maria and Jimmy Holme, and Bernadette and Henry Watkins. If you missed the reception, don’t worry, her works will be on display at 1708 House until September 15.

Afterward, I headed over to Sebonack Country Club for the CTREE cocktail party, which stands for the Center for Therapeutic Riding of the East End. This was the fourth year for this event, and I have been fortunate enough to watch this charity grow over the years. It provides riding lessons as well as equine activities to children and adults with cognitive, physical and emotional disabilities. It is amazing to watch the transformation as they deal with the horses, from helping with grooming to riding—truly inspiring.

Seen: Katy and Greg Carey, Suzanne Lavins and her mother, Joan, Deborah and Neil Rego, Tami and David Maines, Lee Sable, Kevin Maple, Amy Hill, Tricia Burke, Jim Dunne, Nancy and Mark Hissey, and Lizzy and Tim Reid.

Managing Director Karen Bocksel gave an award to Wölffer Estates for their incredible support over the years. The silent auction, headed up by Deborah Rego, was one of the best I have seen in years. Of course, the view from the clubhouse definitely added to the night, as many of us were taking photos of the incredible sunset.

Friday evening, my dear friend Gloria Meyers held a wonderful cocktail party at her home. Gathered around the pool were: Patty and George Kraus, Annette and Gerry Geddes, Ellen and Michael Irving, Weezie Collins and Bert Mallard, Zita Davisson and Gary Lawrance, Ann Grimm, Jean Fitzsimmons, Kristi Witker and Walter Elliott, Victoria and Minot Amory, Lisa Crawford, Lyn and Warren Hamer, Cindy and Ladd Willis, Justine Corbin, Jane and Bob Fear, Susie Bates, Sasha and Jim MacNaughton, Brenda Gall, Alixandra and Stuart Baker, Liz Battle and Tred Covington, Judy and Dennis Dwyer, and Brenda Landry, to mention just a few.

I hated to have to leave, but I was headed off to a dinner party in Bridgehampton. It was at the lovely home of Maria and Bill Marlow, nestled above the fields of the Southampton Polo Club—what an amazing view! We were treated to a fantastic Italian meal that Maria had prepared and enjoyed a delightful night of stimulating conversation. Thank you, Maria and Bill.

Saturday night, I had dinner with friends and then headed over to Social Club, where I had agreed to meet several people for a night out. I had to laugh, as my friend asked if she and her husband could go in as well as her houseguests. They didn’t last too long, but I was happy they checked it out.

Sunday morning, I went over to Rotations for the Bite Back Bike Ride, a 7.7-mile scenic bike tour around Southampton Village, a fundraiser to battle Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Southampton Hospital and the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance joined forces to support this worthy cause. Thanks to the hard work of chairs Chris Munn, Melanie Wambold, Marion Piro and Ceal Havemeyer, as well as a wonderful junior committee, the event was a big success. Next year I might actually ride …

That afternoon, I went over to the stunning home of Rolf Heiteyer for his annual luncheon. Set on the bay, with wonderful views, we all gathered on his patio and around the pool to enjoy a delightful meal. Seen: Rosalie Brinton, Jane Rose, Kent Atkins, Jere Paterson, Doran Mullen, Kari and Carl Tiedemann, Cornelia Bregman, Louise Masano, Helen Marx, Bob Roberts, Stewart Summit, Zita Davisson, Gary Lawrance, and Rolf’s adorable granddaughter Camilla and her parents, Catherine and Stefan Heitmeyer.

Well, coming up is another crazy weekend—I can’t believe it is Labor Day already. Friday evening, Gary Lawrance is having a book signing at Madonia Antiques on Jobs Lane. Also on display will be the works of Dora Frost.

Saturday is Kids Day at the Hampton Classic, with more activities for the family than I have room to list.

Saturday evening, the Southampton Artist Association will host a cocktail party at the Civic Center, with a wide variety of artists displaying their works. There is also a cocktail party at the Basilica Parish of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary on Hill Street.

Sunday, of course, is the Grand Prix at the Hampton Classic, which is absolutely not to be missed. A day filled with wonderful shopping, amazing people-watching and some of the best riders in the country competing.

I hope to see you there!

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