Southampton Hospital Goes Green With Help From LIPA


Southampton Hospital has announced that it recently teamed up with the Long Island Power Authority to save an estimated $14,000 annually through LIPA’s Commercial Construction Efficiency Program and has been awarded an estimated $16,000 in additional rebates by LIPA.

As part of LIPA’s energy efficiency programs, the hospital has replaced its existing, inefficient chilling unit with a new high-efficiency unit. The result of this upgrade will help the hospital save approximately 75,000 kilowatt hours and $14,000 per year in energy costs. In addition, LIPA has awarded the hospital more than $16,000 in rebates.

Southampton Hospital President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Chaloner commented, “It is imperative for our community hospital to continue to protect our environment by being ‘green-conscious’ in every way that we can. LIPA has been a good partner for the hospital, and its program has enabled considerable cost savings for us as well.”

Long Island Power Authority’s Commercial Construction Program is part of its overall Efficiency Long Island initiative, a 10-year, $924 million energy efficiency program that offers a wide array of incentives, rebates and initiatives to LIPA’s residential and commercial customers to assist them in reducing their energy usage, thereby lowering their bills while reducing their impact on the environment.

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