Hayground School News, September 26


Hayground SchoolStudents began gymnastics classes with Barry Drinkwater, culinary arts with Arjun Achuthan and Scott O’Neil, and garden and art studio work with Jon Snow and Wunetu Tarrant last week.

Jon and Wunetu’s students spent a large part of the week completing the work on our new barrel-vaulted polycarbonate greenhouse. They leveled the floor, finished building the raised beds and filled them with a mixture of compost and topsoil. They planted lettuce and started fall seedlings for the lunch program. In studio the students began a schoolwide watercolor study, creating their own palettes and examining the use of color by the painter Mark Rothko.

Thursday, September 26, is the first class dinner for parents with children in Lisa, Julie and Mbachi and Rachael’s classes. Parents will enjoy a potluck supper in Jeff’s Kitchen, and then visit their child’s classroom and talk with the teacher.

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