In East Hampton, Main Street Home Gets A Lift For Renovation


A historic private home on Main Street in East Hampton Village has been lifted off its foundation in preparation of undergoing a massive renovation, according to Bill Hugo, the contractor restoring the house at 177 Main Street.

Built between 1680 and 1730, the home belonged to the Mulford family and ended up in David Mulford’s possession. Mr. Mulford’s home became known as “Congress Hall” during the mid-19th century, but there was nothing governmental about it—men of the village simply would gather there since Mr. Mulford was a bachelor and there were no women around, according to Mr. Hugo.

Mr. Mulford swore there were ghosts at the home, too, Mr. Hugo said.

The house started as a saltbox and grew over the years with additions, with the latest added in 1930. “It’s like an old ship,” Mr. Hugo said, explaining there were no nails used in the original structure.

In a dispute with the East Hampton Town Trustees in the late 19th century, when they wanted to widen Buell Lane, David Mulford, against his wishes, had to remove a triangular section from the house, which was later restored, Mr. Hugo said.

Work on the house will take about a year, and the front and sides of the home must be historically accurate. Mr. Hugo said the original windows will be used, and that 9-inch cedar shingles will replace the aging facade.

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