UPDATE: Coast Guard Rescues Disabled Fishing Boat; Towing It Back To Montauk


UPDATE, Saturday, 9:40 a.m.

The Coast Guard rescued the disabled commercial fishing vessel Endorphin and was towing the vessel to Montauk on Saturday, according to a release issued by the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard Cutter Tahoma arrived on scene with the commercial fishing vessel Endorphin late Friday night and began the towing evolution. The seas subsided from 12 to 15 feet to 2 to 4 feet making conditions favorable to take the Endorphin in tow.

A rescue boat crew from Coast Guard Station Montauk is scheduled to relieve the tow from the Cutter Tahoma before they reach Montauk Inlet and tow the vessel Endorphin back to port.

The National Weather Service is forecasting building seas of 10 to 13 feet and increasing winds throughout Saturday and into the night, in addition to snow, where the Cutter Tahoma will be towing the Endorphin.

Original Story:

The Coast Guard was working to rescue three members of a disabled fishing boat on Friday, according to Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Jetta Disco.

The vessel Endorphin, which is based out of Montauk, was approximately 86 miles southeast off Montauk Point when good Samaritans on another fishing vessel, Bookie, came to the rescue. According to Petty Officer Disco, the crew was unable to tow Endorphin because of weather conditions. She said the seas are at 8 to 13 feet, winds are at 35 knots and the water’s temperature is a low 32 degrees.

Currently the crew is acting as a middle man between the Coast Guard and the Endorphin crew since the disabled vessel is without a means of communication. The Coast Guard cutter Tahoma of Boston, was on its way to the scene to tow the boat to shore.

Petty Officer Disco said the Endorphin had been underway for eight days and reportedly ran out of food.

A rescue aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod in Massachusetts did a supply drop of food, water and a hand-held radio.

“The harsh weather the vessel is experiencing, along with the forecasted weather for the weekend, always adds a level of risk to any rescue operation,” said Captain Edward Cubanski, commanding officer of Sector Long Island Sound. “We’re going to make every effort to get these mariners home safely.”

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