AT&T Proposes To Build Tower At Springs Firehouse


AT&T is proposing to erect a new telecommunications tower at the Springs Firehouse on Fort Pond Boulevard, according to a legal notice in local newspapers.

The new facility will have a 162-foot “monopole” telecommunications tower and equipment to support it.

On Tuesday morning, no one was available at the Springs Fire District office to comment. Because the tower would be located on the district’s property, it is likely that the proposal would not be subject to town review.

According to Springs resident and Springs Citizens Advisory Committee member David Buda, the new tower would most likely replace an existing tower. “I don’t have an opinion, but many people would kill to get better cellphone reception, and other people would kill if it were put by their house,” he said.

AT&T is asking that any interested party wishing to submit an opinion write to Project 61136471-MKD c/o EBI Consulting, 6876 Susquehanna Trail S, York, PA, email, or call (717) 472-3070.

On Tuesday, no one answered the phone at EBI Consulting.

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