East Hampton Community Notes, December 25


Christmastime is here. But as usual, in one fell swoop the holidays will be over. There is such a long intro to the holidays, beginning in September with holiday installations at K-Mart, and carols being piped in to shopping stores by mid-October.

I had once been an elf in Macy’s Herald Square’s Santa Land. This is when the good of Santa can be seen and many evil parents can be seen as well.

I can recall parents beaming as they brought in the young ones for a visit with the robust white-bearded man. The majority of children were horrified at the sight of him yet most parents did not seem to notice, or care for that matter, as they forced the children to sit on his lap, at least for one photo. Not for nothing, most of the parents would find humor and laugh at the fear in the child, thinking that somehow it was cute and funny. To us elves, it was far from that. We saw a flux of screaming children and as you all well know, someone else’s crying child is absolutely no fun to be around. I couldn’t help but think of the years of therapy some children would need after that horrifying experience.

Yet, nothing is better at Christmas than seeing the surprises on little the faces of little ones early Christmas morning. Even though they did not care too much for Santa just a few days before, they still scurry to open their gifts hoping they received what they had asked for. This year there are not any little faces in my family so off to the cinema it is … my family Christmas Day tradition.

Like most Italian families, Christmas Eve was the day of celebration, and Christmas Day was left primarily for the kids who ‘believe.’ As we grew older, we would go to the cinema on Christmas Day. This is not an odd thing to do looking at ticket sales of Christmas Day movies. I know American Hustle will be playing in East Hampton, so I know exactly where I will be.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a safe New Year. Let the New Year bring much joy and happiness to all. There is no better time than the present moment to bring in joy and happiness. You don’t have to wait to New Year’s to do that. So get started.


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