Quogue Village Considers Selling Waterfront Land For $250,000


Quogue officials are contemplating selling a $3 million Dune Road property to a pair of village families for $250,000 so they can build a canal-side dock for their boats and a walkway across the wetland-covered property.

Quogue Mayor Peter Sartorius introduced a resolution to sell the 1.3-acre property at 155 Dune Road, which sits on the Quogue Canal, during last Friday’s Quogue Board of Trustees meeting at Village Hall. The motion was tabled to allow for public discussion on the topic.

Mr. Sartorius said he was approached a year or two ago by resident Robert Friedman, who expressed interest in obtaining an easement from the village to build a dock for his boat. Mr. Friedman owns a home on the ocean side of Dune Road, across the street from the village-owned lot.

“It doesn’t require a formal public hearing, but we can give people the opportunity to come in and comment or write and so forth,” Mr. Sartorius said during the monthly meeting.

The mayor noted that Mr. Friedman and his wife, Micki, along with Ray and Natharon Goodman, who also live on the ocean side of Dune Road, would have to put down a 10-percent deposit in an escrow account then receive approval from the State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Southampton Town Trustees and the village on their dock plans before they could acquire the land. Once approved, the families could construct a low, unlit walkway and dock to harbor two boats that measure up to 30 feet long each.

The suggested quarter-million-dollar sale price is based on an outside appraisal, which Mr. Sartorius said he felt was fair despite the 1.3-acre property’s highly coveted location on Dune Road because of the strict restrictions on the land that would prevent the families from building a home there. “It didn’t seem like a bad deal and I think we could find a good use for the $250,000,” he added.

The property was assessed at $3,015,100 in 2013 and exempt from paying taxes to the tune of $9,259, according to town and village records; of that amount, $6,159.04 would have gone to the Quogue School District and $1,172.53 would have gone to Southampton Town. If this sale goes through the property would go back on the tax rolls, but Mr. Sartorius said he doubts the property would be assessed as high after the sale. He attributed the high assessment to the lack of anyone to grieve it.

The property, which is zoned waterfront residential, was acquired by the village in November 2000 from John J. Post though no money was exchanged during the transaction, according to Southampton Town records. Mr. Sartorius said the land was donated, but he doesn’t know the specifics of the exchange.

The trustees will pick the matter up during their next meeting, which is scheduled for Friday, January 17.

Noise Ordinance

Changes Enacted

During the same meeting the trustees voted unanimously to adopt changes to the village code that would restrict how long residents, as well as contractors, can work both indoors and outdoors in the village.

Professional landscapers and contractors will only be able to work from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturdays in July and August rather than the current 6 p.m. limit on those days. They will still be allowed to work from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. during the week and on Saturdays during the other 10 months.

Homeowners will have a daily window between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to mow their lawns and complete renovation projects, which is two hours less than the current 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. window.

Violators could be slapped with a $1,000 fine or a 15-day jail sentence.

Two Employees Will

Get Raises In 2014

After modifying the responsibilities for Building Inspector Bill Nowak and Ordinance Inspector Chris Osborne, making both positions more flexible in terms of hours worked to accommodate time spent at meetings and addressing code violations outside normal business hours, the Village Board approved raises for both employees, effective next year.

Mr. Nowak will get a $6,627.72 raise, which would increase his current salary of $81,298 to $87,925.72, while Mr. Osborne will receive a $5,229.24 raise, which would bring his current salary from $66,691 to $71,920.24.

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