Springs Community Notes, January 9


Well, without a doubt, 2014 has certainly gotten off to a fresh, new, white start! Upon awakening last Friday morning from my home tucked into the woods, I gazed out the window and felt stunned with wonder at how, just overnight as I lay sleeping, the snow magically transformed all within my view into the most charming of wintry fairy lands. It occurred to me then, that snow days like these (if we are not worried about our loved ones traveling) are a gift from above. I imagined Springs people for miles all around me, tucked cozily into the warmth of their own homes, simply luxuriating in a guilt-free timeout from their own busy lives.

I reminded myself of all the blessings associated with a nature-imposed pause. I felt the need to look on the sunny-side of a big snow aftermath. You see, I was one of those people worried about a near-and-dear-to-me- traveler that day. The news that my son’s flight into LaGuardia was still on was unexpected and anxiety provoking. So much of being a peaceful parent of a fully grown child requires learning how to let go and trusting that all will be well, I reminded myself over and over again. Instead of needlessly worrying and imagining worse case scenarios, I bundled up and went outside into the stillness of the early morning and marveled at the snowy scenery. Refreshingly, my heart opened suddenly to the goodness all around me that was reflected in the purity of the undisturbed whiteness of this spectacular Springs’ landscape. It felt like the beginning of a new year brought with it a welcome reminder that all can really feel fresh and new, if we choose to see it that way. Although a teeny worry for the safe delivery of my child home again lingered, I gave into this snow day stretching before me, and truly felt at peace with the all-encompassing, vast power of our universe. Mercifully, an inner feeling crept in that was the knowledge that my son would, of course, be home in no time. So, now the day was mine to write, work on my Christmas jig-saw puzzle, watch television in the daytime, or do nothing at all! I’m hoping that you all enjoyed a similarly delightful day! Happy New Year all!

The top of this year brings a new art show at Ashawagh Hall from Wednesday, January 8, through Sunday, January 12. “Nasca Twenty Years” showcases the art work of Ruth Nasca created since 1994. More than 100 works from movie poster paintings, sculpture, portrait and vinyl art, to her travel inspired pieces will be on display. Her promotion flyer promises prices within reach, so it might be a good opportunity for those who attend to grace a home wall with something new. On Saturday, January 11 at 4 p.m, Ruth will deliver a talk and refreshments will be offered. Gallery hours are each day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. A perfect way to release pent up cabin feverish energy that can start to unsettle us over the winter months is through the practice of yoga. Luckily, the Springs Community Presbyterian Church, located at 5 Old Stone Highway, offers Yoga Alliance certified instruction nearly every day of the week for only $15 a class. Please visit www.springscommunitypc.org for more details.

Also at the church this Friday from 3:30 to 6:60 p.m., will be their next “Friday Night Take-Out” dinner. Homey chicken pot pie and a cupcake for dessert for just $10 is a delicious and simple way to end the work week.

Hmmm… well, I think that’s all for this week! So, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line to tell me of your news or upcoming events. I love to hear from readers! Lots of good wishes for everybody out there for a wonderful 2014!

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