Noyac Cellphone Tower To Vanish This Winter


A project long in the works to eliminate what some see as an unsightly cellular tower from Noyac’s vista is expected to be complete by early spring, according to Verizon Wireless.

A shorter, sleeker monopole will replace the 203-foot-tall “H-Tower” now supported by thick metal cables on the property of Myron and Susan Levine at 679 Brick Kiln Road. The new pole will be placed 800 feet to the west, closer to the edge of the property line.

According to Verizon, the project’s financial backer, work has been under way for more than a month.

Due to uneven elevations in the hilly area, which is surrounded by undeveloped parcels whose potential purchasers would not be likely to appreciate the old, larger tower, the 190-foot monopole will peak 50 feet lower in the skyline.

The tower is owned by Verizon Wireless, which shares its use with AT&T and which leases the property from the Levines. The original lease was up in 2011, at which time the new plans were drawn up.

Mr. Levine could not be reached for comment this week. In August 2011, he presented to the Southampton Town Planning Board nearly 100 affidavits of support for the plan to remove what he called an eyesore.

“This is not something new,” he said at the time. “To the contrary, it’s taking down something that’s unsightly and replacing it with something that won’t even be visible to most people.”

Verizon said that there will be no disruption in service during the demolition of the H-Tower and transfer to the monopole.

“Work is currently under way to transfer equipment from the old tower to the new one,” Mike Murphy, a spokesman for Verizon Wireless, said. “Once all of the equipment has been transferred, any outstanding utilities have been disconnected and the proper decommissioning permits have been obtained from the Town Building Department, the old tower can and will be taken town, which we expect will be later this winter or early spring.”

According to the Southampton Town Building Department, an application was approved on June 13, 2013, both to construct the new tower and to decommission the old one. However, there also is a requirement for special inspections by the Federal Aviation Administration, which may be holding up the project’s completion.

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