Head Of the Class


Head Of The Class

When it comes to caring for animals, third-grader Mallory Corwith is definitely first in line. Over the summer, Mallory set up a lemonade stand at the end of her driveway to raise money for the Southampton Animal Shelter, but she did not stop there. A week before Christmas, Mallory made her very own angel ornaments by hand to sell to her teachers and friends and again donate the money to the Southampton Animal Shelter. The first day, all 16 angel ornaments were sold, with some purchasers some giving more than the asking price to help her reach her goal of raising at least $100. That night Mallory stayed up and made several more to sell to the teachers the next day, all of which sold. A couple of days after Christmas, Mallory went to the animal shelter with toys, supplies and $120.05.

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