Gym Equipment Donated To East Hampton High School


East Hampton High School athletes and other students are the recipients of new, gently-used gym equipment. Through the Kendall Madison Foundation, the Southampton Gym on County Road 39 has donated two treadmills and three ellipticals for students to use in the Kendall Madison Fitness Center at the high school. The school is expecting to receive an additional $15,000 worth of newly donated equipment in February, as well.

“This will transform the fitness center for every student who wants to utilize the room,” said district athletic director Joe Vasile-Cozzo. “It will offer students equipment that is up-to-date, offer variety to their training and enhance our physical education program and athletic program. This is really phenomenal.”

When the students are on break in February, the school will rearrange the fitness center so that the new equipment can be easily used. Mr. Vasile-Cozzo said that he expects to give a formal “thank you” to the Kendall Madison Foundation and the Southampton Gym during a school board meeting.

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