More Talk Of Public Bathrooms For Amagansett


The issue of public restrooms for the Amagansett business district was a topic of discussion at Monday’s Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee meeting.

East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell, the committee’s new liaison, stressed that he is serious about moving forward with plans to construct a municipal bathroom in the back of the north side parking lot of the Amagansett Free Library.

“We’ve got to resolve the issue of a public restroom,” Mr. Cantwell told the committee, adding that, under his leadership, East Hampton Village was successful in getting a public bathroom at Herrick Park. “It’s really what you have to have in a little business center like what we have here in Amagansett.”

One public restroom could take up six or seven parking spaces in the north lot, according to Mr. Cantwell, who added that some business owners might object to that.

Amagansett CAC Chairman Kieran Brew suggested that the town do an Amagansett hamlet study, similar to the ones being done for Wainscott and Montauk, so that the town and the committee can see what the hamlet’s overall needs are and how projects in the hamlet will affect the hamlet as a whole.

Mr. Cantwell objected to the idea of the installation of public restrooms being subject to a hamlet study, saying that a hamlet study would take too long to complete, because it would require a great deal of public input and professional resources over a period of several years.

“You’re not gong to get it all within a short period of time,” the supervisor said. “We have to make decisions about what our priorities are.”

Mr. Cantwell said that as someone who grew up in Amagansett and hunted pheasants in the farm field along Montauk Highway, he was pleased to be the new liaison to the Amagansett CAC and looks forward to hearing input from its members on a variety of issues.

Speaking of the former Principi property at 555 Montauk Highway, the supervisor said that the current Town Board has no plans to entertain any other rezoning requests for the property. The owners of the property last year requested a change of zone for a proposed senior housing project on the site.

“That piece of open space is something we should try to protect, if we can,” Mr. Cantwell said of the property.

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