East Hampton Town Replaces Tax Receiver


East Hampton Town’s tax receiver has been taken off the job, according to Supervisor Larry Cantwell.

At Tuesday’s Town Board work session, Mr. Cantwell announced that a new tax receiver was appointed to correct an issue that resulted in some residents not receiving their tax bills.

“For the second year in a row, a significant number of tax bills had not been either printed and/or mailed from the tax receiver’s office, extending the payment deadline to January 31,” he said. “In addition to basic internal controls not being carried out in timely manner in that office, we have directed the town finance department to fully review where the system has failed to provide staff as necessary to the tax receiver’s office and the services that taxpayers have a right to expect from this office.”

Mr. Cantwell said he is restrained from discussing the situation further because it is a matter of personnel and he didn’t want to say anything inappropriate about Monica Rottach, former tax receiver, and her situation. He did say however that Ms. Rottach, who was removed from her position early last week, is “not necessarily not there” working for the town and that officials are still having personnel discussions. He said he could not comment about what job Ms. Rottach may do instead.

Before she left her position, Ms. Rottach’s salary was $61,487.

Ms. Rottach was contacted by The East Hampton Press on Tuesday, but said she could not talk about the situation, either.

Neide Valeira, a town accountant, is to begin immediately as the interim tax receiver, which is a full-time position. Mr. Cantwell said he could not say how long Ms. Valeira will be in that job.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Ms. Valeira was the treasurer at the Bridgehampton School and an accountant at Bridgehampton National Bank before working for East Hampton Town. She received her degree in accounting from Long Island University at Southampton.

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