East Hampton Town Police Officers Promoted


Four East Hampton Town police officers were promoted at Thursday night’s Town Board meeting.

The advancement of the department’s senior staff came just weeks after Michael Sarlo was sworn in as East Hampton’s new chief of police.

Detective Lieutenant Chris Anderson was promoted to captain. Chief Sarlo said that his colleague has been the “backbone of the detective division” as long as he has been an officer.

Captain Anderson joined the East Hampton Town Police Department in 1989, was promoted to detective sergeant in 2001 and then to Detective Lieutenant in 2010. His base salary is $136,549.

Detective Sergeant Robert Gurney, the “smartest guy in the Police Department,” according to Chief Sarlo, was promoted to detective lieutenant, filling Captain Anderson’s shoes.

According to the chief, Det. Lt. Gurney joined the department in 1997, graduated to detective in 2005, sergeant in 2007, and then to detective sergeant in 2010. He has been a member of the department’s dive team and its bike and accident reconstruction units. His base salary as detective lieutenant is $127,713.

Detective Gregory Schaefer, a lifelong friend of Chief Sarlo, was promoted to detective sergeant. He graduated with a degree in business administration in 1991 and was hired as an East Hampton Town police officer in 1994. Det. Sgt. Schaefer was last promoted in 2006 to detective. The detective sergeant’s base salary is $118,668.45.

Officer Timothy Treadwell is now the department’s senior harbormaster after serving nine years as a volunteer in the marine division and on the East Hampton Ocean Rescue Team. He is a boating safety instructor as well as a swimming coach at the East Hampton YMCA. His salary is $66,046.

“They have all had outstanding careers, and their reputations both within our department and with outside law enforcement agencies are excellent,” Chief Sarlo said. “The respect and appreciation I have for these officers is unparalleled. We are fortunate to have officers like this in our ranks, and the community should know how hard they work at ensuring our department meets the high standards we expect from it.”

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