Sag Harbor Elementary School News, January 23


Sag Harbor Elementary School

Kindergartners in Kaitlin Montaldo’s class made a presentation at Morning Program celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. by singing a song while a PowerPoint presentation showed their related artwork. In class they watched Dr. King give his famous speech and then wrote about where they wanted “freedom to ring” around the world and made a video, which was shown at Morning Program.

Also at Morning Program, the Small Chorus performed Phillip Phillips’ version of the song, “Home,” which was co-written by Greg Holden and Drew Pearson.

The Pierson Robotics team came to Morning Program to demonstrate the robot they had built for last year’s competition in which the robot was required to send a frisbee through a goal; it performed successfully 100 percent of the time. They also showed a video of this year’s robot, which must pass a ball to another robot. All of the commands are performed by remote control.

All fifth grade classes have taken part in this year’s Ellis Island project. “What are your employment skills?” “Are you traveling with money?” “Did you travel in the steerage section?” These were just some of the questions the students were asked as they passed through our mock Ellis Island, waiting to get their “passports” stamped. This activity was the culmination of their study of immigration and a celebration of our nation’s beginnings. During our “Journey to Ellis Island” students pretended to be immigrants from different countries around the world and made their way through a waiting room, exam room, a questioning room, and a dining hall. Students carried suitcases they had made or pillowcases containing five to seven items they had selected to represent the types of things they might have brought with them had they actually been immigrants. The project ended with a potluck lunch where students brought in a dish from their families’ countries of origin to share with their classmates and parents who were able to attend.

We are continuing the Recycling Challenge made by two Pierson IB students. From now until February 14, plastic bottles, bags and wrappers will be deposited in bins and collected by those students. Money collected from refundable bottles will be returned to Sag Harbor Elementary School.

The annual Science Fair will take place on Thursday, February 6, at 7 p.m. in the gymnasium.

There will be an orientation for parents of next year’s pre-K students in the Pierson Library on February 25 at 6:30 p.m.

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