This Year’s Grand Marshal Named For Montauk’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Paul Monte will be the 2014 grand marshal at the Montauk Friends of Erin St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Joseph Bloecker, the Friends of Erin’s president, made the announcement at a pub quiz held on Friday night as a fundraiser for the organization at Gurney’s Inn, of which Mr. Monte is the general manager and CEO.

According to Mr. Bloecker, Mr. Monte has been an integral part of the St. Patrick’s Day parade and “without his help, the parade wouldn’t exist.”

When Mr. Monte took the microphone on Friday night, he said he was extremely honored, especially since he isn’t what some would consider a Montauk local, having moved to the hamlet at age 12.

“We all know, being members of the Montauk community, this is probably the highest honor that could be bestowed upon anybody in Montauk,” he said. “Although the grand marshal is not known to tear up, I shed a tear for this honor. You don’t know what this means.”

The 52nd annual Friends of Erin parade will be held on March 23.

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