Sag Harbor School News, January 30


Sag Harbor Elementary School

The sixth annual “SOUP”er Bowl will be held on Friday, January 31, at Morning Program. Students and staff are asked to bring in a can of soup to place in either the Seattle Seahawks bin or the Denver Broncos bin, thus placing a vote for which team will be the Super Bowl XLVIII champion. The real winners will be the Sag Harbor community food pantry, where the cans of soup will be delivered, and our students with yet another opportunity to experience the benefit of giving to others.

Music teachers David Fox and Gavin Lahann made a presentation at Morning Program about harmony and how two notes of different pitches come together to make a tune. They sang Stephen Sills’ song, “Helplessly Hoping.”

The Parrish Art Museum is hosting its 2014 student art exhibition and students who have worked with art teacher Laurie DeVito produced “Art Plates” by painting in acrylic on plastic plates in a variety of styles—abstract, cubist, surrealistic, and realism. Art teacher Meg Mandell’s students have created a mural, “Sag Harbor Ponds—A Child’s Field Guide.” They created textured paper and cut out their paintings to create a natural feel to their flora and fauna.

The Recycling Challenge continues. From now through February 14, plastic bottles, bags and wrappers will be deposited in bins and collected by Pierson students who issued the challenge. Money collected from refundable bottles will be returned to Sag Harbor Elementary School.

The annual Science Fair will take place on Thursday, February 6, at 7 p.m. in the gymnasium.

There will be an orientation for parents of next year’s pre-K students in the Pierson Library on February 25 at 6:30 p.m.

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