Despite Rumors, Southampton Village Justice Court To Remain Open


Southampton Village officials are looking to reorganize the Southampton Village Justice Court and Police Department in an effort to make the court more self-sufficient, financially.

According to Mayor Mark Epley, the court should be making enough money to cover its own expenses, but to date has not been doing so. The goal, he said, is to rearrange personnel within the Justice Court and the police department to make both agencies more financially viable.

One idea, Mr. Epley said, is to hire an additional code enforcement officer, which would increase activity at the court and bring in more fines. Currently, the village has one code enforcement officer, and it is nearly impossible, Mr. Epley said, for the officer to ensure that everyone is following all codes.

“Our focus is really on two things,” Mr. Epley said. “One is safety, and the other is quality of life.”

According to Mr. Epley, the village trustees will continue to meet with Village Police Chief Thomas Cummings and Village Justice Barbara Wilson to discuss how to make the Justice Court fiscally solvent in the years to come.

“We are not closing the Justice Court,” he said. “But we need to look at operations and figure out how we can make the court a break-even entity.”

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