Generator For Montauk Playhouse Shelter Has Yet To Be Installed


The Montauk Playhouse, which is a designated Red Cross shelter for emergencies, still does not have its generator hooked up, according to East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell.

“It’s been a mess and I’m very concerned that one of our designated shelters doesn’t have a generator, especially in the case of an emergency,” Mr. Cantwell said.

The generator was donated by the Village of East Hampton to the town more than six weeks ago after an agreement was made between the two municipalities. The village replaced the generator with a new one at its Emergency Services Building on Cedar Street and offered the old generator to be used at the Playhouse—an agreement made almost a year ago.

Mr. Cantwell said the holdup has been in the permitting process required by the Suffolk County Health Department. While the town has approval for its installation, certain new aspects of the plan requested by the Health Department still need to be reviewed by the town and its contractor before installation begins.

Tony Littman, the town’s maintenance supervisor, did not return numerous calls this week to comment on the status of the generator’s installation.

But Mr. Cantwell said he is determined to get it done immediately.

“It’s troubling that it is not available for use,” he said. “I’m going to do everything that I can to get it hooked up, connected and functioning as soon as possible.”

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