Wet Snow Causes Local Power Outages Wednesday


An icy mix of heavy snow and rain pelted the area on Wednesday, February 5, weighing down power lines and causing sporadic outages in parts of East Hampton. Some local offices experienced flickers, where power went out and then quickly came back on. PSEG Long Island spokeswoman Elizabeth Flagler said that this is likely the result of automatic switching units.

“A lot of times, we can move customers to another circuit so you’ll only have momentary outages, and then you’re switched,” Ms. Flagler said Thursday.

PSEG Long Island officials estimated that about 90 customers were affected by power outages in East Hampton Town on Wednesday with most of the disruptions occurring in East Hampton Village. Ms. Flagler said that 80 customers in the Village lost power at some point during the day on Wednesday.

“I know we did not get as many on the east end as we did in the Nassau area,” Ms. Flagler said of the power outages.

PSEG workers on Lumber Lane in East Hampton Village at around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday said that they were trying to get repairs completed as quickly as possible.

Ms. Flagler said that the Village outages were caused by a failed underground cable and that workers had to use a snow plow to search for the cable in order to repair it.

Some residents who reported sustained outages during the day said they were without power until around 9 p.m.

“We had crews working throughout the day to get everybody back on as quickly as possible,” Ms. Flagler said.

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