Westhampton Beach Trustees Will Upgrade Security Cameras


The Westhampton Beach Village Board breezed through a long list of business items during its most recent meeting on February 6, among them a resolution approving the upgrading of 25 new security cameras located throughout the municipality.

The trustees approved a $22,500 contract with A+ Technology Solutions in Bay Shore for the purchase and installation of the new security cameras, which will replace existing devices at the village marina, along Main Street, at Lashley and Rogers beaches, at Village Hall and at police headquarters off Mill Road.

Village officials declined to reveal the exact locations of the cameras, explaining that they believe they will be more secure and effective in deterring crime if their exact whereabouts are unknown.

Board members also rescinded a more expensive contract with another company, MTC Security Co. in Quogue, that they had approved last fall. That company was supposed to earn approximately $33,000 for the work.

Trustee Hank Tucker said A+ Technology Solutions, which also services the state, will provide a better quality camera that should be able to produce video images that are clear enough to identify faces and read license plates, which will aid police in their effort to keep the village secure.

The trustees also passed resolutions related to a new policy of allowing residents to use credit cards at Village Hall when paying fees or property taxes. Board members authorized the mayor to sign an agreement with GovTeller for the credit card service, and approved the purchase of countertop terminals and card readers for about $900 total.

At the same meeting, the trustees passed a resolution that amends that Westhampton Beach Planning Board schedule so that the board can hold two regular meetings a month, both at 5 p.m. on Thursdays at Village Hall, rather than one meeting and one work session each month.

Mr. Tucker explained that the board members felt they would be able to work more efficiently by scheduling both as regular meetings, during which they are permitted to take action on applications. During work sessions, the board members were only able to discuss applications.

“They feel they can get more work done,” Mr. Tucker said.

The Village Board will hold its next work session at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 19.

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