Southampton School District To Update Dress Code


The Southampton Board of Education is revisiting the district’s dress code, and hopes to implement a more concrete policy in each of the district’s three schools.

The board has had preliminary discussions about a new policy at at least two district meetings, saying that some students have been violating the current code all year. This week, district Superintendent Dr. Scott Farina said some people have different interpretations of what should and should not be worn to school, and that a new updated policy would be more specific.

According to Dr. Farina, although the district has mentioned the idea of a district uniform, it was only in passing and came up as part of the dress code policy. As of now, he said, the district has no intention of making students wear uniforms.

“We just want to have a general discussion about the dress code in our schools and make sure we have a uniform, consistent understanding of what our dress code policy is across the buildings,” he said. “Certainly people have different ideas of what is and is not appropriate for what to wear to school; we just want to have a specific understanding of what our expectations are.”

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