Sag Harbor Community Notes, February 20


Well, here I am on Tuesday morning of my last full week here at The Press.It’s strange, sad and yet exciting to know that this will be the very last thing that will have my byline on it for this publication. I’m glad that it’s here in Spyglass where my final words will be read, since the Community pages are where I’ve been sharing my own personal experiences and feelings for the last six years, both here and in the Moriches By the Bay column before I moved to Sag Harbor and eventually took over writing duties for this one.

As regular column readers saw last week, I’ve decided to change things up and move forward in a new direction—toward other creative endeavors and opportunities here in the Hamptons and beyond. That said, my time here has been incredible.

I started just a month shy of seven years ago as a reporter in the Western Edition under the tutelage of Frank Costanza, who taught me the solid basics about just about everything I know about journalism. I was beyond fortunate to be his mentee.

From that post, I moved onward to assistant editor for both the Arts and Residence sections. That year provided exciting and heady times as I learned the ropes for what would eventually become my happy domain. I have been blessed to have been in so many right places at so many right times—both “in the building” as I like to say and out in the field next to some of the most successful creative people in the world today.

One of my most memorable moments here came very early on. I’ll never forget covering a whale necropsy two days into the job as a reporter. As an animal lover I didn’t think I could manage, but my curiosity got the better of me and within moments I was snapping photos and firing off questions. It was then that I knew that I had made the right decision to pursue a career in journalism.

Since, there have been so many highlights: including interviewing rock legend Stevie Nicks, chillin’ with Alec Baldwin practically every weekend of the past few summers, picking my jaw up off the figurative floor at the annual Watermill Center benefits, reveling in the beauty of LongHouse Reserve, attending the annual Guild Hall Academy awards, being one of the very first inside the doors at the new Parrish, attending every major food and wine event, and of course seeing many so many fabulous shows at Bay Street Theatre.

“Big Maybelle” will go down in history as one of the best shows I have seen in my entire life. And it didn’t hurt that Barry Manilow and Lorna Luft were sitting right in front of me. Freaking amazing.

I’ve also been blessed to work closely with some very fine people here at the Press. I’m not going to list every single one but I do want to give shoutouts to my features writer Michelle Trauring, save-my-bacon proofreader Jean Raymond, editorial assistant Alea Harkawik and production manager Kerri Cunningham. These four women made my day-to-day possible and I am forever grateful to them.

And then there’s all of my other great Press coworkers, including Kim Covell, who is in charge of these Community pages; my boss, Executive Editor, Joe Shaw; former Presser, Bob Wilson, who collaborated with me on so, so many fabulous front pages; Misao Grivas, who, thank goodness, always gave me the pages I needed each week; sports editor and my gossip galpal Cailin Brophy; the always supportive director of digital media, Bill Sutton; and Courtney Ratcliffe, my champion, advocate and good friend.

Another good friend, and wonderful journalist, Peter Boody will be returning to The Press flock as my successor to this column. Please join me in welcoming him back. I’m so happy to know that Spyglass will be in great hands.

Lastly, some of the very best moments have come from just being here as part of the community and meeting so many, many wonderful people. I so appreciate all of the love and support that you readers have sent my way. Thanks so much for everything. Cheers to seeing you around the neighborhood.

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