After Electrical Problems, Pierson Students Evacuated As A Precautionary Measure On Monday


Updated, 5:15 p.m. Monday

According to Dr. Bonuso, just before the end of the school day there were problems with phone lines and flickering lights, as well as an odor coming from near the boiler room. Students were evacuated as a precautionary measure and then dismissed at the usual time from the school grounds. The fire department and an electrician investigated the problem, with the fire department leaving at perhaps 3:30 or so. A contractor was asked to take a look at the heating system as well.

Dr. Bonuso said he was “very hopeful that we’ll be ready to go first thing” on Tuesday and that the school has a backup system in case any problems are found with the heating system, which will be monitored throughout the day.Elementary school students were dismissed in normal fashion on Monday.

At the high school, the students’ belongings were secured in their classrooms, according to a note sent out to parents, which added, “Rest assured that teachers will be forgiving of any homework or assignments that would have been otherwise due.”

Original story

Pierson High School was evacuated near the end of the school day on Monday because of what appeared to be an electrical problem, with the Sag Harbor Fire Department and Sag Harbor Village Police responding to the scene. According to an automated phone call from Interim Superindent Carl Bonuso, after-school activities were cancelled.

The Sag Harbor Police Department had a report at 2:05 p.m. that an automatic alarm went off and there was a smell of smoke inside the school, possibly because of burning wires on the first floor. Police stood by until the scene was cleared, the police department said later.

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