The Fruits Of Their Looming


The girls from Westhampton Beach Girl Scout Troop 3883 invited their classmates to join them in helping Max “SuperMax” Wilford, a boy from California who is battling cancer, create the world’s longest rainbow loom chain in honor of his seventh birthday. On Saturday, the girls and their friends did their part at the Westhampton Free Library, coming together to make a chain that measures 460 feet in length. The girls will be mailing their creation, along with birthday cards for Max, later this week. Top, Carol Ann Flannery, 8, and Sarah Deverna, 7, right. Bottom left, Allison Cooke, 7, works on her chain while, bottom right, Alex Garcia, 8, Kalie Flannery, 9, and Faith Innocente, 11, show off their work. CAROL MORAN PHOTOS

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