East Hampton School District To Host Adult Ed Classes


East Hampton School District will kick off its adult education classes on March 4 at the high school on Long Lane.

The classes, which range from acting and basic drawing to rod building and bridge for beginners, typically run from March into April, or April into May, depending on the workshop, said Bridget LeRoy, communications coordinator for East Hampton School District.

“They’re [the classes] are all about personal improvement,” said Ms. LeRoy. “It’s very exciting.”

New to this year’s courses is a five-week sewing class from March 11 through April 8, with one session a week and open to beginners as well as those who want more practice on the machine, according to the school’s website.

“So many people have old sewing machines they’ve inherited from a mom or grandma but have no idea how to use it,” said Ms. LeRoy. “So it’s great—they can learn here and actually come out with a product.”

Taught by Laura Maruzzella, who has worked as a costume creator and vocal coach, the class helps students choose patterns and cut and drape fabric.

“I think this is a skill that’s coming back,” said Ms. Maruzzella. “People want to be able to sew, and I think it’s because it’s relaxing, it’s productive, and you get to be creative.”

Ms. Maruzzella will also teach a singing class from April 24 through May 22, where beginners, intermediate, and accomplished singers can focus on breathing, articulation, vocal strength, and sound.

“I don’t think we sing enough in our culture,” she said. “It’s good for the soul, and even if you’re singing a sad song, it’s impossible to not feel happy when you’re singing.”

For those in search of fitness motivation, Chris Cosich, certified fitness trainer, nutrition consultant, and director of New Image Fitness in the Hamptons and Manhattan, will host a lecture series on the science behind weight management and improving one’s overall health.

The registration fee for most classes is between $90 and $150, plus the cost of materials, allowing more people within the community to gain exposure to something new at an affordable price.

East Hampton School District does not take a cut of the entry fee, however they also do not have an advertising budget so it’s up to instructors to spread the word about their classes, explained Ms. LeRoy.

“A big concern for the school is whether or not these classes would compete with local businesses,” said Ms. LeRoy, “but they don’t. They allow people that couldn’t afford to do some of this stuff, or didn’t want to spend a lot of money to try it, to pursue something they’re interested in, and if they love it, they can continue doing it at a local business.”

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