Springs School News, March 6


Springs School

As reported by the Journalism Club

Students of all ages are creating art to sell at the Mystery Art Show at Ashawagh Hall from April 23 to 27. Artists are also invited to share their pieces with prices set at $20 to benefit the Visiting Artists Program. The names of all artists will be on the back and not disclosed until after the purchase, which adds to the excitement of the event.

Adam Osterweil’s seventh grade class wrote fan mail to celebrities and have received 20 responses so far. Among those who have responded are Eli Manning, Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama, Elmo from Sesame Street, The New England Patriots and The Green Bay Packers, Tyler Perry Studios, and more. More responses are expected. The letter from President Obama: “Thank you for writing. Hearing from young people like you inspires me each and every day, and I am glad you took your time to share your thoughts.”

Hailey London, garden educator and greenhouse manager, is teaching classes about where their food comes from, promoting healthy body image and self-esteem and empowering students with tools to grow their own food and create healthy meals. The latest theme is better choices for snacks.

The students celebrated a rally to kick off the beginning of the Parents as Reading Partners Program (PARP). The students played a trivia game and teachers competed in a relay race. Jessica Vickers is leading this second PARP program of the year with the students creating the spring themes and book related games.

On February 26 the students watched the fourth film festival in Spirit Meet. So far they have completed 17 films. The third grade is in the lead with filmmaking. The recent festival featured “If You Were President” by Jamie Grant and Mckynzi Dawson in third grade; “People’s Poses” by Manny Vilar in fifth grade; “Stuck in a Toy store” by Alyssa Brabant, Kate McMillan and Mariann Brennan in third grade; and “Favorite Pop Star” by Rosemary Pillco and Jessenia Moldanado in second grade.

On April 6 the Guild Hall film festival will be screening and giving out film awards. The film students entered 10 films with student editors Mia Pardini, Rorey Murphy, Bella Tarbet, Erica Chavez. Jhoseliyne Munoz. Corrina Castillo, Kimberly Bermeo, Evan Mendelman, Bella Tarbet. Sophia Rodriquez. Jamie Grant, Mckynzi Dawson and Samantha Shurr. The students submitted a range of films from animation to documentary, all of which are filmed and edited during their lunch and recess periods during the day.

Students participating in the Suffolk County Music Educators Association Music Festival in the Division II chorus are Madison Schenck and Maria Chavez. The Division I band members are Erin Kennedy on the clarinet and Alfredo Chavez on the alto saxophone. The students prepared four selections with Margaret Thompson and Ben Jones before attending three rehearsals totaling 14 hours with students from other schools from all over eastern Suffolk in preparation for a concert March 9.

The entire opera company of fourth graders went to Lincoln Center in Manhattan on February 24 to watch “The Enchanted Island.” Students had prepared with orientation sessions about this unusual opera. The students were accompanied by directors Sue Ellen O’Connor, Margaret Thompson and Kyril Bromley with assistance from Ben Jones and Kim Belkin.

High Tide, the literary magazine, is busy at work, mixing up meals like poets and writers mix words. Its pancake lunch, a fundraiser to cover publishing costs and reduce the sales price, was rescheduled for March 5. In addition, a contest for the cover of the magazine has begun. Students are invited to submit entries.

Kindergartners participated in swimming lessons at the YMCA with teacher Maria Goncalves. Some were developing swimmers working on strengthening their swimming skills with Miss Norma. They returned to school for a nap.

Ray Wojtusiak hosted a pep rally Friday to celebrate the junior high achievements with awards in each subject, followed by the Brain Challenge game show.

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