St. Luke’s Holds Ash Wednesday Sidewalk Services In East Hampton


St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in East Hampton wanted everyone to have ample opportunity to participate in the observance of Ash Wednesday, so they took the ashes to the streets of East Hampton Village.

On Wednesday, March 5, Father Denis Brunelle of St. Luke’s took the time to visit two locations in the Village for those who were too busy to attend mass. He administered ashes to worshipers in front of Starbucks on Main Street and in front of Citarella on Pantigo Road during the morning and early afternoon.

Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent for Christians, observes the 40 days and nights that Jesus of Nazareth spent fasting in the desert. The period for modern Christians is usually observed by prayer and some form of fasting or denying oneself certain kinds of foods, and culminates with the Easter celebration of Christ’s resurrection in biblical scripture.

Ashes placed on the forehead are symbolic of how all life on earth eventually perishes, as ashes to ashes and dust to dust. The ash is typically collected from the burning of palm leaves left over from the previous year’s Palm Sunday services.

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